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  1. Too funny, the first highlighter I ever got was Mac Soft and gentle. I didn't know where else to buy makeup and was trying to get a few things, I don't remember if they sold it to me as an eyebrow highlight or what, I still have it and it's pretty much gone. They also sold me a brown eye shadow and told me to use it for my eyebrows. I never really loved the foundation and found the body one a little too messy to smooth out.

  2. So true about the Artis! I splurged on the Oval #7 and it seemed to apply foundation great, but it was such a pain to clean and took forever to dry. Another over-hyped product was Lorac palettes (original and grey versions) which I thought were at one time holy grail, bt the pigmentation is meh and they just don't pop like many other new products. We are spoiled for choice, so it's always in with the new out with the old on YouTube. I am revisiting some of the old faves now. Thanks for your honesty. : )

  3. I never buy high end simply because it’s just too expensive for me I have tried samples I did treat myself to a Mac lipstick and to be honest with you I couldn’t tell the difference between it and my cheap Essence one and my makeup revolution one and it broke so I wouldn’t do it again I stick to drugstore x

  4. It’s good to be reminded how trendy the whole makeup industry is. I’m personally on a strict no buy right now, other than repurchasing staples once I run out (mascara, foundation, concealer…). I think the reason you don’t hear about Mac as much is because there are so many options at that price point, and cheaper, that are just as good or better. Also I never enjoyed the Mac makeup counter ‘experience’. In general they acted like they were doing you a favor, selling you the best makeup ever. There are so many options now. That whole thing gets a hard pass from me.

  5. Hi girl………I miss you!!…….I just moved to my own apartment and I don’t have things yet!!……I miss watching your videos!!……
    happy holidays!!!
    Love your look!!….😘❤️

  6. I swear Mac's soft and Gentle was better when it first launched, then it became so glittery I threw it away. I also loved Mac's black eyeshadow crayon thing, it was raved about & then when Nyx made their Jumbo eye crayons it was forgotten about. x💜x

  7. Makeup community is so wasteful. I don’t even have huge makeup collection and I use makeup almost everyday and still I won’t hit the pan on most of my products before they expire.

  8. I have never bought anything from Mac, but I would like to try a lipstick and a blush, extra dimension as I heard those are really good! You Tube hype made me by ABH Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. It took me a while to like it too! I wasn’t used to working with such pigmented red shadows.

  9. I don't agree with Mac. I bought 4 eyeshadows, 3 lipsticks, 3 blushes, 1 setting spray, 2 highlighters and 1 foundation this year only. And I went to Mac counter earlier today and I have my eyes on 3 limited edition highlighters. Nothing can replace a good old school makeup.

  10. The turnover in cosmetics is getting ridiculous. Every time I blink there's a new palette out! Highlighters are coming in thick and fast, I mean, how many highlighters can one person hit pan in 1 year? The list goes on, from primers to fixing sprays. I'm just about done and have decided that I'm not buying anything in 2019 unless it's proven that it will give me a NEW FACE 😠😠😠😠. Cheers xxx 🎄🎄🎄 xxx

  11. I always think of whirl from MAC. But I still love some OG products, because let's be real- I have Nars Orgasm and I love it. And I plan on using it up. So basically, set of blush for awhile lmao

  12. I feel like Coastal Scents used to be hyped up on YouTube…I'm talking like way back 10 years ago YouTube days. LOL. I ordered like three of their 88 color palettes and had a blast with them. Then when I became pregnant with my first born, I suddenly could not stand the smell of those eyeshadows. They didn't smell strongly or anything it was just weird hormones. I also bought a couple of eye brushes back then and still use them every time I do my makeup ten years later!

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