NJ State Troopers Smell Marijuana so they Search deep into the drivers ANUS

This was mirrored from POLICE STATE: NEW JERSEY Published on Apr 4, 2018 March 8, 2017: Two NJ State Troopers pull over a vehicle for tailgating.


  1. Itโ€™s going to be ok dude, you will never have to work a day in your life again…. Get a good lawyer and sue for a good $50 million!! These pigs need to be fired, arrested for rape, and jailed !!!! I canโ€™t believe what I just saw!!!

  2. Allora , perche` la gente sta piangendo ?? Dove sono le persone con I suoi sostentamento per la polizia? Quando `e un uomo nero credono sempre le parole dell' agente di polizia, ma perche`, in questo caso `e un uomo bianco, me sembra che tutti vogliono l' agente di polizia nel prigione!!! I hardly see any comment that calls for support…in this case. Everyone is calling for measure of penalty for this VILE police. However, when it is a Black male who is molested or harassed by the police, the norm is to FULLY agree with whatever the police does and throw FULL support for his fiendish deeds. I have friends who are African-American; the POLICE ABUSE against them…without provocation and cause, is an AFFRONT unto justice. Having made these statements (based on what I have personally witnessed and what 99.9 % of Whites say, when the police abuses Blacks), This young man was completely VIOLATED, by he who being paid to protect him. Yes, that was a nauseatingly despicable act on part of that creature who is supposed to be a police.

  3. Holy shit that is serious. Rape on the side of the highway is all of the sudden ok in New Jersey? These cops are rogue officers and need to be sent to jail for sex crimes. I could only imagine if some stranger did this to one of their children. What would they do? They would seek them out and murder them and probly get away with it.

  4. Because it happening to a dude that has a stoner hairdo itโ€™s ok? This POS cop will do this to others, maybe your daughter. He needs to be fired. All under the guise of a lawful stop. BTW no drugs found. He sure isnโ€™t threatening anyone now. Why do people hate cops?

  5. Stopped for tailgating? Cop that likes that the public is supposed to fear him and avoid him at all cost. So following behind him was disrespectful in his opinion and heโ€™s all butt hurt.

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