1. David Paley I must say nicely put more people need to take the time to read your message this is a good movie most of the time the movies be very good, but who complain when things are free that's what I don't understand it's just like free food going to a dinner Thanksgiving Christmas parties companies events Etc

  2. The Law's the law you don't ever have to pay a ticket because you never signed an agreement with the state you live in saying if you speed you have to pay a fine plus most people don't know the black and white speed and signs is only for Commerce

  3. This movie has a story to tell. To some it may appear stupid, but to many of us, the corrupted truth was revealed by those who laid their lives on the line. We the people need to stand up for what is right to help the weaker ones. Are we not all connected on this planet? Thank you for bringing light to the truth of what is happening all around us.

  4. Sad thing is..this is how America is ran, corrupt people voted to office, higher ups worried about not enough funding, allowing crooks to stay around, others afraid to push the issue so they don't lose their jobs…

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