1. I have tried detox pearls and had two different experiences. The first time it was a beautiful experience! I had a consistent yeast infection (which was largely due to my diet & stress) I changed my diet and inserted the pearls. I passed a massive amount of yeast and could smell and see the difference. My partner at the time could also feel the difference. My second experience was less pleasant. I slightly changed my diet and ordered from a different company outside the U.S. The pearls smelled different and tightened my vagina to an uncomfortable size. I also didn't pass anything. I would suggest anyone interested to research every herb in the pearl and the company you buy it from. I recently purchased more pearls from the first company as well as their steam. If anyone would like the name of both companies inbox me! peace!

  2. I had a bad experience with the pearls, I did it twice and I got BV a little while after. My BV lasted for 2 months (with me trying to find natural ways to cure it). The only thing that helped me get rid of it was yoni steaming only with natural organic sea salt

  3. Hey Veladya! I want to first say that I love your warm nonjudgemental vibes, you couldn't do no wrong in my eyes. Ever. Your intentions are always pure and loving, and I adore your personality. You're like a favorite cousin from the internet lol. Anyhow, I personally have used pearls myself but not consistantly to see any real results. I am starting a new regimen doing both steaming and using the pearls, in that order. I will say that a reaction can occur if the herbs are too strong, so PLEASE definitely do your research about the herbs like Veladya said. Maybe try one pearl and see how your yoni receives to it. Also, sometimes there are reactions when you have a serious symptom, like a virus or yeast infection, and it begans to heal. There is a brand (Seanjaripreeti) that creates healing kits that provide a soap, salve, tea and honey for the ladies who really need a serious healing regimen. Having a soaps and salve specifically made for it on hand is a great idea. So, definitely do your research and if everything checks out good for you, give them a consistent try but also do steaming as well.

  4. Never tried them, but something about using them in my vagina doesn't sit well with me. The vagina is a self cleaning oven & if you want to heal it, start by healing your gut!…aka Foods! I have used the menstrual cups, but stopped bc I noticed I was cramping a lot having the cup in for hrs. Women seem to love the cup, but it doesn't work for all. I believe the vagina is meant to flow out, not hold onto what its releasing. I just keep it simple & use disposable cotton pads

  5. Well, I’ll just start by saying that for a few years I was experiencing this weird discharge. It was green in color. I had been to doctor after doctor for stds possibly and the test all kept coming up negative. I was puzzled and had been praying for healing. I even went vegan to try and regulate the issue and nothing. The discharge had a very strong sweet smell. Which was odd. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. Recently, I went to the doctor. I was suffering from mild cervicits and she said there was some greenish discharge but it was not pus and didn’t look like infection. I kept praying asking for God to heal me. Then I found out about the yoni pearl. I bought mine from Seanjari Preeti. When I took the first one out it had the white tissue looking stuff on it. Then within the next few days it looked like I gave birth to a green alien. I wish I could show everyone. I felt so much cleaner and my periods are lighter. I used another one and had a little more shedding. Now the discharge has cleared up almost completely. I am amazed at how good I feel down there. I will use one more to make sure all the nasty stuff is out. I honestly thank God for these pearls because I had no idea what was wrong with me.

  6. So I tried the yoni pearls through Seanjari Preeti, who does make them and stamps them as real pearls not bought wholesale from China. My experience the first time was cool, as I did see extra tissue lining being released from my womb onto the pearl. After taking it out, that "burning" sensation that I felt, that feels like a yeast infection is happening she said is normal because my vagina was rebalancing itself. The second time I experienced flu-like symptoms and the discharge that came out reflected that. Will I do it again? Yes and no. Now that you've brought it to my attn about herbs I do want to know more about them and do my research about temperature restraints and such, but I did feel relief because my periods has gotten much lighter. But if it can be achieved through just steaming I can stick with that. But thanks for your insight Earth Ma!

  7. I’ve never had anything bad happen from using detox pearls… I’ve only had positive from what I can tell. I used to have terribly, heavy discharge & frequent yeast infections. After using some detox pearls I’ve seen a dramatic change and my connection with my yoni became a lot stronger

  8. Thank you Thank you for this video!! I was going to purchase the detox pearls and I am glad I watched this video first. My fear about those pearls was my yoni having some type of allergic reaction to them. Cause even with all the research and reviews. I really didn't know what I was truly getting. I am going to try yoni steaming though.

  9. My husband is usually very supportive with pretty much anything I do, as far as, taking better care of myself naturally. But for some reason, when it came to the yoni pearls, he said "hon do you need me to pick up some fresh pressed cranberry juice, do you have to use these things?"
    Wish I listened to him.

  10. Thank you for this, I have wondered about these detox pearls and what they were all about. Excellent food for thought, as always I appreciate your commentary. I have been following you awhile. Peace n'Love

  11. I can agree with this. But I am still very interested in yoni pearls. I do agree that we don’t for sure about the sourcing of most of them. I have a wonderful solution to this, why don’t you make them? So that women like me can go to a place we can trust. Just a thought.

  12. Hey I would love to hear your intake about partial hysterectomy; how to keep you vagina cleansed since the body isn’t cleansing itself anymore. Do you recommend the yoni steam even though I had the procedure done? And what is your intake on yeast infections, do you know if it’s common for a woman with a partial to have a yeast infection?

  13. Hi love I’m sorry this is off topic but – I was wondering if you could do an update on how your digestion is feeling after the colon hydrotherapy? Also, do you know anything about how enemas affect the good bacteria living in your colon? I’ve heard it’s bad for the bacteria living in there as it disrupts their whole environment with the water? I want to try colon hydrotherapy but I’m scared that it might not be the healthiest and would disrupt the bodies wonderful bacteria?

  14. Very interesting and SO informative as well, Thank You Veladya
    I have always had hormonal imbalances throughout my life – when I was younger teens my periods were hit or miss , never monthly and I was always worried why I didn’t get my periods
    Also as I am much older now – late 30s
    Still it is hit or miss – when I was in my 20s I was on birth control to get my hormones balanced and help with cramps and heavy bleeding. Over time -6 yrs still on pills I was gaining weight and started having issues with shortness of breath
    The Gynocologist took me off the pills and said I needed to lose weight
    😔😳 at that time I was about 170 lbs and Working to lose the excess weight
    Thing is – I also have thyroid issues. Always have my whole life. I am curious is the yoni steam and herbal medicinal teas would help????
    I am going to continue to do research and look into it
    I don’t want to be using hormone therapies like birth control pills

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