1. C squared really helped me through my journey but sadly I feel off and started sub again. I will do it again when I get the time off from work. God bless you
    (Anyone thinking of quitting sub it’s not that bad just need the second week off from work) the first week is tolerable.

  2. Never been an addict – however haven’t talked to my sister in over 8 years due to her drug use- I don’t have much hope for her sobriety – but it’s nice to watch your vids πŸ™‚

  3. Whats good browski.. U look great man. Wanna say ty for being here for us and guiding us to the light were trynna desperately get too. MLAR brotha!
    I have a question to ask u.. I took a suboxone for 2 weeks, I broke it into lil slices, took about 3 strips. Maybe 2 half weeks , not sure. I used this to get off percs, was on them on amd off for 7 years. Anyway took last lil strip a day ago. Think ill be fine or ginna also go thru heavy WDs? Hit me back bud, Thanks

  4. 7:15 I did exactly what you told us to do in.. well hell I don't remember what video it was, and that was to ask God (or our higher power respectfully) to put it out of reach. To put it on the highest shelf where we couldn't get it. Within a few days the addicts were kicked out of the house I was in, my mind frame became I will earn my next high not bum lie or steal for it, and I was in so much pain I couldn't get out of the house to get it…. I should probably get a piece of paper and write my comments down + the time stamp for the comment but eh… I'm being lazy today lol

  5. Today I was thinking about my addiction, and checking back in giving up my freedom is a big deal to me but I rather live than die fuck fentanyl I just have an overwhelming feeling 2019 isn’t going to be good

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