Maintaining Mommy – Tips on Caring for Mother Marijuana Plants

This video is intended for educational purposes only. Always check with your local and state laws on whether marijuana is legal in your area. If not, call your …


  1. Hello great vid . Im Looking for a strain that smells like newborn baby sick on formula lol you mentioned durban poison in the video does that fit the bill as i remember that name floating about 10 15 years ago … thanks

  2. hi there. going a little of subject here for a minute but you seem to know your stress. im having a terible time with hermies. i hear hermies are the result of stress. and your vids show you guys are the masters at turning a nice plant into a stressed plant. so if youd be so kind to answer a couple of questions or just your opinion it would be greatly appreciated. are any of these plants turning hermi on you after you restore there health and is there a #1 cause of plants turning into hermies like a screwed up light cycle, cold,heat, ect..has it ever been pinpointed to one particular thing like what ever you do dont do that one being more of a cause than the other or is a plant cursed with hermie defects before it even cracks out of its shell wich in my opinion means the hole stash of seeds showed be thrown onto the side of the highway. thanks and thanks for the vids your the only ones who can keep me infront of the screen for 32:17 well done

  3. Do you have to worry about root bound mother plants? I would like to keep a mother much shorter than me for just personal. I just need a few clones every 9 weeks or so. My veg tent is 40×40 so it needs to only take up one side. I was thinking a 5 gal smart pot, does that sound right?

    Is 600 watt led veg overkill? Should I get a t-5 and keep the mother somewhere else?

  4. Hi guys, love the series! Love all the tips helped me out a lot, you did say you were going to go over soil, but I don’t know if I missed it I don’t see it in any of the videos, what do you use for soil?

  5. You said never let you mom go without light, I feel like it doesnt hurt them to be off for up to 8 hours a day for the moms if you have stable genetics. I personally do 24 hours but I have friends that only run their veg room for 16 hours and they never have a problem

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