1. as if rogan. I want my weed coming from a inspected clean facility that meets every regulation that government has made. I don't want some dirty ass shit weed made in some barn with tainted cow shit on it. It aint a dictatorship when it comes to injesting products. you think the cigarette or alcohol industry is any different? how about pharmaceutical drugs. this is stuff people ingest. Canada is doing it wrong at the moment anyway for online sales. only 1 seller for online weed at the moment, and its the government. for growing for commercial sale you have to meet all sorts of regulations and what not as you should. it might seem like they are only giving out a handful of licenses, but that's all the market really needs. i don't know why you would want some nasty ass weed from some dirty hippy at your farmers market anyway.

  2. Lots of states did this. In Colorado, they realized home growers were selling to dispensaries, so lawyers (that happened to own big dispensaries) wrote the laws in their favor. Only big grows now, you have to have over 100k to get started. Commercial weed quality is absolute shit too. Also Monsanto (Hawthorne) has bought up 2/3 of the grow suppliers -nutrients, light, filters, distribution, etc. All about control.

  3. y dont u get a grower on Joe? you guys talk out your ass way to much about bud. Cannabis is what i do and im tired of misinformation being spread even if it is by people who like it. bring on an expert or just smoke enjoy and shut the fuck up. talking about the politics is fine.
    but in this cast(not in this clip) Diaz starts talking about sensi and his knowledge of breeding (which is made up bs). Joe u should know better! false info is harmful. so get educated. i cant believe that on this channel where u constantly have brilliant people on about all kinds of subjects, you allow Joey fucking diaz to be your cannabis educator. I like both of u but REALLY???

  4. Corporate ties in marijuana is what the United States will do and it will not do anything for the small business man at all… co-pot money will only go to the 1% which will be controlled by the 2 party oligarchy once again! so, Jo you are very wrong

  5. i totatlly agree, here in Canada its legal, and people can grow up to 4 plants per home, except in the province of manitoba and Quebec where home grow has been banned, and the only legal way to obtain weed, is VIA SQDC they also are the only legal retailer of strong alchool SAQ but oddly we can brew our own wine and beer, we can grow tabacco, but we have to go through the government to buy weed, we canot grow our own… and the home grow ban goes against federal law. it's a fucked up situation.

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