1. Macaulay Culkin sounds like a barbarian. But instead of saying "barbarbarbarb," he says, "like…like…like… that kind of thing… like. like."

    What has our language come to?

    Clean up your speech people!

  2. Excellent interview. Only mis-step is joe asking him if he ever contacted another child star survivor. Which was pretty obvious that he wanted to ask about michael jackson but didn’t want to either. Very strange joe, although to be fair he did say survive relatively unscathed which michael jackson definitely didn’t. Still should have asked though. That was a controversial but ultimately innocent chapter in macauley’s life. It Would have been interesting to get his perspective on it.

  3. Joe Rogan is such an idiot. He doesn't get even the silly jokes, he just takes everything so seriously. This is a "comedian?" More like someone who just likes to spout off on shit and revel in people listening to him.

  4. What a great guy. Home Alone was my favourite movie growing up and it was always Macaulay Culkin doing the stuff to the bad guys, not Kevin McAllister, at least for me. It's nice to see his live is going in the right direction.

  5. Out of these two in this episode, I think I'd rather kick it with Macaulay just because he has that charismatic, positive energy and a bit of a brighter personality than Joe this time around.

  6. Joe is surprisingly shut off during the early stages of this interview, I expected better from him, he's almost guarded while Mac is sorta carrying it and putting himself out there more. You'd think it'd be the other way around.

  7. Toxoplasmosis increasing risky behaviour sounds like bullshit. You could just flip it around and say people who are more risktaking are more at risk of getting toxoplasmosis which make a whole lot more sense

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