Jim & Sam – Lorne Michaels Sends Pete Davidson to Rehab (12/18/18)

SNL star Pete Davidson is being sent for treatment by his boss Lorne Michaels, following his desperate Instagram post. In the post, Pete issues a cry for help.


  1. Just give him a bungy rope that looks like a regular rope… Tie it to a fan, and tell him to fucking do it already. If he does, then yes, he needs help. If he doesn't, tell him to grow the fuck up and quit being a little drama queen bitch.

  2. We are listening to mediocre talents mining for a joke.. A joke that never comes.. I have seen Chip Chipperson.. If you have to try that hard, what you are saying isn't funny.. Imagine Bill Burr screwing his face up with silly glasses and a wig for laughs.. Doesn't need to.. These guys always sound desperate for a joke.. They just bounce everything they can grab around frantically hoping something lands.. They have a show because they were on a good one years ago.

  3. Sam should use that program where you type something and the words come across in a robot voice. The show would be so much more enjoyable with out that twats real voice being a part of it

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