I Quit This Job In Less Than A Month

This job was a classic case of ‘death by 1000 cuts’ or, alternatively, ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’! What would you have done, kept the work or …


  1. Every property has at least 4 survey markers. They can be raised or dropped (never removed!) I pound them in! Plants without mulch or bear earth would be an issue. Painted fence to ground or even worse is vinyl siding within 4" (or 6" if I need to trim at an up angle) of the ground is a red flag. I would offer to copy the key for the gate, but if they didn't want me to copy it or give me a key, they could hide a gate key, that would be an issue. The sidewalks are rough, but that is 100% out of your or your clients control. The sidewalk will look as good as I can make it! You could try using pickling vinegar 7.5%, it kills and it is classed as food. Another option is salt. and yet another option could be to use a weed torch. Try a cheap one and if that is good then get a good one! https://www.harborfreight.com/propane-torch-91033.html

    Since you are cutting low I hope you have hot climate grass! I cut a 3.5" as we have Kentucky Blue with Tall Fescue mixes.

    I'd continue given that there were no other issues like travel time, parking, billing/payment, complaints, dogs and poo.

  2. LISTEN PEOPLE!!! Why are you guys criticizing such a good business owner??? What did he do wrong??? He did everything right and he is being criticized for nothing. It’s not his fault the lawn was wet, It wasn’t his fault there was a chunk of metal in the lawn, and it’s also for sure not his fault there were mud stripes and clumps of grass. It simply is a bad property to have. If I had this lawn I would immediately drop it after the first mow.

  3. I know what you mean when it takes the wind out of your sails when you hit something. Pop up sprinklers are my nemesis, lol. I have started carrying orange survey flags with me when I'm running the weedeater and throw in a flag on every obstacle I see now. Costs an extra lap around the property, but saves on frustration and wasting time fixing things.

  4. I came up with this for the job at Hand. 1. Your lazy 2. Your cutting is not Professional lines that looked like a First time Operator. Picky About your Ideas for the jobs you Want. Suggest you Fine a New job Sitting Behind a Desk Mr. Clean Jeans. A Fancy Truck with some Lawn Equipment doesn't make you a Professional Lawn Care provider.

  5. I had a comment, but I hit the wrong key or something, and everything vanished. One more time: I might suggest that after you do the edging, use the blower then. When you cut the grass, the debris from the edging will be gone. If you charge enough for the job, I think you will like it better. As for the cracks, c'mon, how easy is that to do? It does sound a little wimpy that you would complain about this yard. Finally, the yard did look nice when you were done.

  6. If they pay you. What difference does cracks in the sidewalk make??? You seem like a guy who just wants the easy stuff. You don't never want to put any effort into anything. I'm sure a democrat as well.

  7. That piece of metal that you ran over. That is a anchor for a guide wire that holds a power line pole in place. Side walks are going to get cracks. Nothing you can do about that. The cracked and broken up sidewalk about quarter weigh in the yard. Well I'm pretty sure that belongs to the city if they're inside of a city limit Zone. Other than that you got to take the bad with the good. And down in Florida I'm pretty sure the water table got a lot to do with it not drying as fast. And the trees, you don't never want to come to North Carolina and cut a yard around here. Cause you got trees . And a lot of them . So again, you just got to take the bad with the good. And for the locked gate, you need to call that person the night before and let him or her know you going to be there that next day. Ask them to unlock the gate . When you're done you can lock the gate back. All in all had I would probably keep cutting if I was doing it. It really didn't look that bad . Even though you were looking down the whole time, it was kind of hard to tell. But it's your business you can do what you want. Have a great day. 😀

  8. I would’ve dropped that home too. How can you mow a yard that always seems wet. Not his fault. Only thing I would’ve done was give the customer a bid for cleaning the entire property up mulching etc… to make the property more manageable. But what if he did and the client denied the extra service.

  9. If you can afford to 'cherry pick' your jobs and still make out, why not? By the same token, 'word-of-mouth' in an area about what a prima donna that CCC guy is might cause you to lose an area to another outfit who may employ workers from a certain 'south of the border' location who would be more than eager to take jobs you turn down! Just sayin' lol

  10. I cut lawns commercially for two years, gas stations, and also some residential/apartments. Random things sticking outta the ground, Curb to jump over and lift your mower out of, tear drop shaped entrances. Don't understand why this lawn is so harrowing. Still, to each their own.

  11. remind me the name of this company… so I can never hire them lol. What is with those HUGE tire lines and that shitty pattern.. also I saw that metal thing, you should have too. This house wasn’t difficult, I was doing more at 15 for my parents for free and looked happier then you do doing this job.. donate your equipment

  12. Could of told the client that the cracks need clear of grass and fill them in with cement or concrete and for trees they need pruning tbh he seems like lil bitch just over he's laziness he could of had maybe extra 3 jobs

  13. Any pro landscaper can't deny that this property design (or complete lack of it) breaks several major landscape architecture principles.
    People saying that this yard is not a pain in the ass are, first, obviously landscaping illiterate, and second they are saying that they would drive a car that has a parallel defect, is equipped with 4 different tires types, one of which is punctured, because "hey i'll just sit in the car half-sited and just steer the wheel constantly, drive slowly, and just stop and inflate the wheel every 10 minutes". Nobody in their right mind would do that with a car, same thing with a yard.

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