How to Start a Sea of Green: Tending to your Mother Cannabis Plants w/Pigeons420

Let’s take a look at our mother plants and take a few steps to keep them healthy and plentiful. Whatcha think?


  1. nice video,
    fyi, i am pretty sure your mothers are growing faster because they have a larger more developed root system to grow and regrow compared to a plant going thru a normal veg time. it is the same reason seedling growth accelerates exponentially as roots develope
    also man just mist the folliage you are spraying the shit out of it. if you spilled nutes on the leaves then cool but otherwise fine mist is best and won't burn as you said like big drops you are making. that said i do go heavy like you at times but right after i shake the stem to get rid of big magnifying glass drops and plus shaking plants is good for them indoors

  2. Where do you discuss the "Sea of Green" technique in this video? You don't actually so why state it in the title then??
    I never spay my plants with water unless I am giving them a bit of neem oil for protection to each their own though I guess.The lower the humidity, the better, a lot less problems with lower humidity but you're not doing hydroponic so….

    Next time you title a video though why don;t you try keeping to the subject though as there is no discussion on sea of green in this video. No worries though I'm an expert at growing with over 25 years experience I was just curious as to what advice you were offering your viewers.

    If anyone is looking to try out T5 HO fluorescents they work great! 6500K for veg and 2800K for flower. I have been successfully growing with them for the past 10 years in a DWC setup and every two months I yield just about a pound off of four plants of premo bud! I'm currently growing White Berry and Durga Matta II CBD.

  3. Okay so I am a new inexperienced grower and well I have 3 little plants growing: 2 Red Cherry Berry and 1 Northern Light autoflower. So, I know everything I need to know about the growing proces but now I need to learn how to harvest and dry my weed and that kind of stuff. And yes I think I found my guide here!

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