How to Deal with Stress & My CBD Oil Experience! | Isabel Palacios

Hello my loves! Today’s video is all about my current stress/anxiety relief routines and rituals. I have been consciously creating ways to cope with stressful times …


  1. I use CBD oil and I absolutely love it! It helps so much to relax and not only that but it has soo many more benefits for your body. I don’t use the citrus one I use one that doesn’t taste nice haha but it works I think it’s the normal one 😝

  2. Thank you Isabel for sharing what you know. You help and shared a lot to us. I'm glad I found you couple months ago. Since then, I became your supporter. Take care! 😘😘😘

  3. Girl! We are in sync. I literally knew you would post a video about this because I just made a stress relief video and also talked about cbd oil ❤️ I love this! Great video as always 🤗

  4. I have a question that I’ve been trying to figure out. When it comes to journaling your desired reality and current when you’re stressed, what’s to say I won’t manifest more of what I’m stressed about because there will be emotion when I’m writing it?

    Would love some insight 🙂

    Also thank you so much for all your videos, you are a very amazing soul and I’m super grateful to have come across your channel x

  5. Thank you for sharing! The CBD oils I've tried make my heart race. I'm very glad that you found something that works for you! Many wishes of a continued stress, anxiety, and cramp free life!!!

  6. Thank you for this!!!! Stress is toxic and it is keeping us from manifesting our greatest life!!!! Keep on manifesting people! You all are all-powerful! YOU HAVE DIVINITY INSIDE YOU, you can do anything you wish!!!

  7. Thank you Isabel this video is super helpful and your aura is very calming and relaxing. Keep doing what makes you happy because you would be surprised how many people you make happy. Love you sm <3

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