How to Clean Mr. Coffee® Coffee Makers

Wouldn’t it be nice to have better tasting coffee right in your own home or office? Well one of the most important steps you can take to get a better cup of coffee is …


  1. Serious quality.>>> This coffee maker is the Cadillac of drip systems. We recently switched from K-cups in an effort to save a little money and reduce waste. This is no Mr. Coffee. It is easy to use, it has robust features, and it makes great coffee. I would recommend this to anyone who misses having a pot of hot coffee waiting in our single-serving world.

  2. First time I cleaned my Mr Coffee in like… oh… six years since I bought it. Hope this works! 🙂

    Just fyi – 4:35 – you need to specify whether Mr Coffee needs to be on the clean cycle again with the straight water, or brew cycle. I went with brew.

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