Godfrey on Vlad Getting Jidenna In Trouble with Nigerians Over Interview (Part 14)

Watch Part 13: Watch Part 1: ——————– In this clip, Lord Jamar & Godfrey weighed in on the backlash that Jidenna …


  1. Jidenna is just another case of a tragic mullatoe. I am Nigerian and people who do kidnap in Nigeria do so on basis of wealth and not the complexion of skin. This idiot thinks a Nigerian will kidnap a people just cos of his skin color, what kind of reasoning is that. Secondly, there are many people who are famous celebrities and light skinned that do whatever they want to do without a problem, this fool hiring military niggas with AK 47 just wanted the attention cos he is an attention whore. you can tell from the idiotic and ignorant comments he makes. Plus this fool knows nothing about race and I'm glad Vlad put out his stupidity for everyone to see, especially Nigerians so his ass wont be popping anymore. bitch ass mulatoe

  2. Lord jamar cannot help himself but talk down,about white people if he was a white man,constantly slating blacks he would be ridiculed we get.it jamar you dont like white people i,literally can't watch hes videos

  3. When you're American, Canadian, or British… Yes you're at risk for being kidnapped when travelling to many countries including some European places.

    Jidenna wasn't lying but it's not just about skin tone it's about him being American more then his skin tone.

    Example, be careful going to Brazil or Venezuela… Some serious come ups from kidnapping is happening.

  4. Does anybody else watch and read comments simultaneously and as soon as you think some shit as you watching and scrolling down the comments there goes your thought. The comments be on time erytime. But The boy Godfrey kept lookong for Jamaar Approval on his opinions and once he made vlad giggle he wouldnt shut the fuck up lmao

  5. Vlad obviously has some privileged info. LOL! Love these guys. Great when Friends get together and discuss some real issues. Look forward to the next chat. 😎👊👍

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