1. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  2. About time it will make it easier for people like me with disabilities and it will help bring money to New York for bettering a subway system bettering schools bettering our government in NYC just making everything all better all around.

  3. Douchebag Deblasio pandering to the liberal douchebags and minorities. Meanwhile the NYCHA houses are a mess, but the blacks don't give him a hard time because his wife is black.

  4. Since hes good at backing up the use of a drug that even leads to rape, not only him, but all his family inclouding his mother, should be the first ones to do a demonstration of what is to be under the influence of this drug day and night, for a period of a year, as well, every time after they smoked they should be released on the streets, thats the minimun charge Di blasio and the ones he love deaerve for be a coward ass whole!!!

  5. This mayor is selling dope to the Black and Hispanic communities that's what he's doing if the communities Aren't doped-up Enough he'll make sure that they are physically doped up so we can easily get their vote cocksucker the poor innocent black children and Hispanic children they're going to think it's okay to smoke this crap you should be ashamed of yourselves they're all going to be smoking or vaping that shit very soon

  6. What this is is that the Democrats have used up all their play money and now I looking for a new Cash Cow just like the lottery number never went to the schools there is definitely going to be an uptick and Other Drugs because the dealers who deal in marijuana will no longer be able to sell because it will be available and very cheap eventually they will not be able to make a living they need to look elsewhere for something new to sell because it's all they know and they are comfortable with that lifestyle why should I get my marijuana from a guy I Holly C and don't know what's in it when I can get good stuff from the corner store and know that it's great this mayor is a dumbass maybe he should okay the sale of zombie weed k-96 usually the highest so good you bite your tongue off and you're happy that you did it

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