1. Right , it’s all too expensive, doc visit 299$, then at store the products themselves crazy high, then you add all the taxes, those on disability or fixed income, it’s out of reach

  2. I wanna get this legal right… Fuck Florida's medical marijuana system… WE CAN'T EVEN GET WEED AND THE STUPID PILLS COST SO MUCH$$$$$$ The vape cartridges HAVE COCONUT OIL IN THEM THAT'S NOTTTTTT SAFE!!!!

  3. I have a cat that needs CBD tincture to keep him from cluster seizures. I cannot afford 100 a bottle at present. I want to grow for my cat- and I can make the tincture. I haven;t smoked regularly for 3 decades but would like it as an option to deal with other medical issues. I don;t "do" doctors" when I can help it,,, and I cannot afford them. I use herbs and homeopathy. This one herb is an important medicine and helps millions- it has done so for centuries. The state needs to just allow us to have what we need for ourselves (and our pets). Need to just legalize it altogether. Grandparents (people my age) in my county have told me the courts are full of young people getting busted for POT and it affects their record and their lives in unacceptable ways. Florida could do like Colorado or Cali and profit from this wonderful plant instead of letting it cost taxpayers a fortune because of the legal cases clogging up the courts (and jails). It is also unfair (and potentially unlawful) to allow a small handful of companies a monopoly on the state's supply.

  4. What makes Rerdner so special that he's the only person allowed to grow their own medical marijuana in Florida? Still dont know? Ill tell you. He has money. I hope the supreme court denies him the right. Laws should never be passed to benefit only one person just because they have money. I used to respect Joe Redner. Not any more.

  5. How'd the state lose this case before they went to court? We need to all sue the state and grow. Mj is a life saver! Screw gov rck sctt for making actual mj illegal still! we didn't vote for medical thc or cbd, we voted for Marijuana!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. stay strong, FL marijuana patients. I'd like to think we'll all have the right to do this, soon enough, or at least access flower the same as we can THC concentrates.

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