Continuing the conversation about Missouri medical marijuana with Jeff and Chris Mizanskey

Missouri has three options to Vote for medical marijuana In November, We continue the conversation about Missouri medical marijuana with Jeff & Chris …


  1. We do not support NAM here in Missouri we rejected their crap in 2016. NAM has to hire out of state people to collect for them. We need to pass a law here in Missouri that no out of state people can help collect signatures. If you cant find enough people to pay to collect signatures for your crap take it as a sign people do not want you here in Missouri.

    Plus this NAM 2 treats people like sex offenders complete with losing your federal gun rights. Also if you get cannabis under 2 you will automatically fail any federal background checks. I mean really why should some special card registry be needed for a plant that is quit literally safer than sugar? NAMs response was to pay for the regulations. Our response "Why not just make the people who profit pay for all the over regulations?" NAM had no response to that.

    NAMs 2 and B3 both protect big business profits in our constitution. Dont you think big business gets enough breaks? Plus NAMs 2 and B3 both have a higher tax rate than Prop C. Prop C helps vets and people who need rehab. Prop C is the only one of the 3 that does not add a bunch of crap to our constitution.

    If anyone would like to read all 3 we keep them pinned to the top our page on facebook.

  2. There is a lot 's of veterns got big time for small amounts of weed did my 13 years for 12 plants and my 5 years perole behide the walls. From supper max on down seen the child molesters and murder's come and go for years .testimony Victor Freeman Amen.

  3. I just posted article in the local newspaper in Arkansas..about the availability time…which has said not till the first quarter on next year..sad stuff bro…theres so much to say so little time to save the so many people in need

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