Cannabis Grow Guide Ep 16 Second Week of Flower

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Friends! Much Love and Peace


    2'x2' Veg = HLG 65:

    3'x3' Veg & 2'x2' Flower = HLG 135:

    4'x4' Veg & 2'x4' or 3'x3' Flower = HLG 260:

    4'x4' Veg & 3'x3' Flower = HLG 300:

    6'x6' Veg & 4.5'x4.5' Flower = HLG 550:


    2'x4' Grow Tents:

    Carbon Filter & Fan Ducting:

    6" Hurricane Clip on Fan:


    Temperature & Humidity Controllers:

    Overflow Trays:

    One Gallon Nursery Starter Pots:

    Five Gallon Fabric Flowering Pots:

    Coco Medium:

    PH & PPM Pens:


    Canna Coco A & B


    Canna Boost Accelerator Flowering

    Canna PK 13/14

    Advanced Nutrients – Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra

    GrowTek Pro-Silicate –


    Seedsmans Seeds: Pay with Bitcoin for freebies.

    Crop King Seeds USA:

  2. Need to get those two a booster seat so you can get that level canipee LEDs don't allow for a lot of streach could try a house sceen to lower the light output on that side so they streach to the light

  3. Yaaay, nice little buds growing. This will be awesome. My calculus says 260w (32.5w sq foot) for aprox 44000 Lm/ 170 lm/w (5500lm/sq foot) is perfect, in a 4×2, hehe. 250w HPS aprox 32000-33000Lm but 275w draw 116 lm/w. Many ways to grow. I wonder if this set up could make buds from coco to top – only slight concentration on tops. I am playing around a little with depth and spread on paper. My numbers are +- a couple % but pretty good imo. Cya man! Edit: remember i have only growed once with one (1) 288 board, and the results were very good – yield/taste/appeal bla bla. fukk i dont know if i should go for the later board next buy: lm301b or buy a few gen 1 and wait for next samsung generation hehe.

  4. Hey bro, I have been following along this grow from the beginning but wanted to ask how long you vegged for? I lost track and not sure if you mentioned. I started mine around the exact same time but harvested a few weeks ago. I think I flipped mine to flower way too soon (flipped at the 45 day mark from seed)

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