Benefits of CBD Oil |The Science of CBD with Dr John Hicks

Dr. Hicks “talks about these topics and so much more: (CBD Oil Buyers Guide: * Cannabidiol help the body …


  1. Hello Dr. Hicks, my wife went to a Kaiser doctor today to discuss a prescription that she was prescribed “Cymbalta” to assist her with an issue she is having with neurological pain within her muscles. She was prescribed 20 mg to start off with, one capsule a day. This seem to be too much for my wife not to mention the side effects that she’s experiencing. We started implementing CBD oil to her regimen. Every other two days she would take three drops of CBD oil under her tongue. Long story short her doctor advised her to discontinue the use of her CBD oil because it causes heart attacks. My wife began to explain that it’s a natural product.. again the doctor told her to stop taking it because CBD causes heart failure. The Kaiser doctor that she was seen by is in Pleasanton California. What are your thoughts on this.? My wife immediately called me and told me what the doctor had advised her. My thought was the doctor just wanted to push this brand. I can’t seem to find any articles relating to this assumption. Thoughts?

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