1. from Hong Kong, I am new to and my amaryllis didn't dormant last year and bloomed in February (around 15 Celsius degree) and amazing in summertime this year (over 30 c. degree), as no winter in hk , still very hot , around 20 c. degree ( 5-15 c.degree in the past), wait and see what happens

  2. I live in a warm subtropical climate but we can still sometimes get a degree of frost in winter. I leave mine in the pots outside (I got given two) and am just new to growing these! I put newspaper over them if frost is expected or feels like it. It is the moisture on the plants that freeze and the paper stops that!

  3. I don't know if I can plant it in the ground here in zone 8 because even if I'm in zone 8 it's rainy during winter which is also our wet season will it rot in the ground or will it manage to survive?

  4. Always remove the pollen from the blooms – even a bit can cause irreparable kidney failure in cats. Pollen makes a mess too, and I've heard removing it can prolong the bloom time.

  5. I’m in zone 9a, mine are in the ground and multiple like rabbits. I cover them during the very few freezes we ever get and luckily they come back ablaze the next year.

  6. My Amaryllis has bloomed 2 years in a row during mother's day…. let nature be nature and stop forcing hybrids….i water mine 2 times a week, at least 3 cups of water. no matter the weather…if one leave turns yellow I leave it alone and let the Amaryllis use the dead leaf as compost…

  7. This is shocking to me, im in zone 10 and my mother planted this in my yard, ive never trimmed it or cut its leaves/flower off but it still grew on its own. Is that strange? My flowers are white and it beautiful. Is it a must to trim and care to resprout? I honestly assumed that it will on its own.

  8. I am zone 7 (North Texas) I have mine planted in ground amd every year they bloom beautiful Red and get thicker plants every year. My Aunt in Jesup Georgia, let us dig some of her bulbs up and we brought them back to Texas and buried them. We do nothing to them and they grow like weeds.

  9. I live in Tampa Fl. The bulb / tubular plants are excellent for this area, or even more south of me. My neighbor and I have these flowers along with other types of bulb / tubular. We NEVER have to pull them out. We leave them in the ground all year, great thing about our area. In the winter months, Dec Jan it can get very cold here some nights. They do fine, in fact this past winter we had some nights around 30 degrees. It did nothing to my plants. They don’t go dormant either, another great thing about my area . I’m adding this comment for those who may live in southern Florida. They are perfectly fine in complete full sun with no shade. Now that right there tells you a lot! We simply cannot grow flowers here, it’s extremely to hot and humid. But bulbs and tubes do awesome. Other flowers can be grown outside between Oct thru April / May. Once May hits, don’t waste your money. It irks me that Lowe’s don’t sell these types of plants. This year they have sold several colors of calla lilies. But they don’t do good in full sun, and are best as a houseplant. But can grow outside. The peace lily I’ve never had good luck with in the hot summer months outside. I’ve been experimenting for 20 years, growing flowers here, this is what I found works! Tomato plants… do NOT wait until March or later to plant. They will die and fast! Even in partial shade. My tomatoes grow wild from my plants from last year. I may buy a couple more from Lowe’s. Buy them in late fall up to Jan, no later than Feb. they won’t live. I’m from Missouri, gardening here is difficult, different and experimental at times. Our fall winter and spring seasons are the time to grow tomatoes. Vegetables just don’t do real good in our summer months, it’s simply to hot and humid. They have to be watered like every couple days, or they die!!

  10. I’m in a zone 10, do I need to put mine in a dormancy period? I don’t really have room to bring them indoors but our “winters” are pretty warm- 50s and up

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