1. Portable speaker, packing cubes, and incense are on my list!! Also plants because I just moved to Arizona and couldnt bring my plant babies with me! Great (minimalistic) ideas and I totally agree!! 🌞🎄

  2. I saw a post saying "the last thing the world needs is another coffee cup" which wow made me think. Do you have any ideas of custom items that aren't mugs? I was thinking bowls, or picture frames.

  3. I love to give Moleskine limited edition notebooks. They have a couple of Star Wars ones right now, Harry Potter, Mario Bros, and a bunch of others. One of those might be great if someone has a passion for Star Wars or gaming or whatever. They're more expensive than the normal ones, but I feel like that makes it a better gift because the person might not be able to justify the cost for themselves but would be happy to receive it as a gift.

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