1223 Samantha and Neil Autoflower grow update–Dutch Passion, Mephisto

How to Grow Medical Marijuana for those that live in legal states. This site is to teach you how to grow your own medicine. We do not encourage any type of drug …


  1. Bro, I got on that site and all I could find was Mamacita's cookies. Too bad I was looking to try the Colorado cookies. My go to site has it but they're only dealing in cryptocurrency now and I'm not interested in playing that game.

  2. Try "Mother of Berries" if you want to try a blueberry smelling strain. Got mine as a clone but I think TH seeds acquired same clone and feminized it. Has the strongest blueberry flavor and smell I have experienced so far. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just got 4.5 oz of Gorilla Glue FBuds in a 2 gal fiber plant, sharing with another plant which had a 3 gal pot. All in 4sq' . Not super hard nuggets but good! Need that curing video Neil !

  4. I'm sorry, I have been growing Gorilla Glue & have now gotten used to it. Only pulling 3oz per plant 😟 at 60 days. I am feeding with nutrients once a week. Is this too little? I am now growing Moby Dick. This is for a medical application in Vermont. Can you please recommend anything to help & other strong similar auto strains that may produce more for all my effort? Thank You, Neil 👊

  5. The federal law doesn't set any limit on how much cannabis you can possess in a private home however BC and Quebec have chosen to implement limits at the provincial level which is just ridiculous. On the pot horizon we've got Ontario privately owned pot shops set to open in April 2019 and edibles hitting the market by October 2019. 2019 sounds like it will be a great year! Happy holidays yall

  6. Neil, I priced the plastic bed lining on Amazon. Is $130 a good price? I am really looking forward to watching your curing video! Happy Holidays To You & Samantha 🎄 Many Blessings for 2019!

  7. HI, I really appreciate your offering this very helpful information. On the writing below you refer to your lovely wife as your girlfriend. Not sure when you got married however I am happy for you both. Pete 🙏

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