1. The government needs to deciding what is good and bad. We as adults should be able to use whatever we want,they should think of the revenue they could make off of it as that is the main objective of big brother anyhow.

  2. It was suspected that George Washington was a marijuana smoker. I did a book report on him once when I was in school and read an excerpt from a journal he kept about one of his marijuana harvests where he wrote that he regretted not getting the male plants out in time. If he was just growing it for industrial use why would he have cared about that? Seeds don't have any affect on the industrial properties of marijuana.

  3. I love your information but your mispronunciations of certain technological and pharmaceuticals leaves the viewer wondering why you read without checking the proper way to say the object word of your segment.

  4. Omg lol… as really none of this is funny, addiction is a serious issue, but I have to say that I’m a very happy, high strung lady somewhat like our narrator here, well I got pulled over one day in beautiful upstate NY for apparently speeding , I’ll never forget the officer putting me in his backseat of his cop car and saying “what are you on”? I’m like “nothing”, but I guess because I was talkative due to being some what nervous and I’m a super happy person to begin with he figured I was high…lol he let me go, thank god of course with a ticket, but with the way things are today you never know.. stay safe and love everyone equally…..

  5. As a teen with adhd, who takes adderall i can verify that we get offered cash for adderal so often. We ARE NOT lucky because we get adderal. I take it to concentrate. Besides, there are many over the counter alternitives

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