1. I was wondering if you take supplemental vitamins in the morning will that break your fast???Or would it be better just to take the vitamins while not in fasting mode?

  2. I did intermittent fasting, for three months not eating anything till lunch every day. I always used creamer in my coffee in the morning however, and still lost a ton of weight. Its really just an overall calories inout equation I think.
    If your eating window is small you tend not to take in as much calories.

  3. Would an EAA supplement in tablet form break a fast (such as Ben Greenfield's KION EAAs)? What about supplements in general particularly in pill form…if there are no calories listed on the bottle? Finally, would sugar-free gum break a fast?

  4. Thomas Delauer has a tonic drink he makes with lime, ACV, sea Salt, and cream of tartar and I always thought it was good to drink when fasting, but now I'm questioning the lime component of it.. Does anybody have insight on this?

  5. BE WARNED ended up in an Ambulance following 24 Hour fasting plus suggested vitamin cocktail of cider etc with a morning workout.

    I'm far from a Hater.

    DO NOT go straight into this guy's suggestions.

    He's a extreme athlete. Are we?

    Suggestions depleted my electrolytes.

    Be WARNED.

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