Using the Powdered Urine To Pass a Drug Test | Product Demonstration

Watch me show you how to use the powdered urine to pass a drug test. If you want more information about me and my background, click below.



    I just passed a pre-employment screening using Sub Solution! It was super easy to use, but I had trouble getting the 'urine' up above 98. It was at 98 when I went into the testing center (after using the entire vial of warming powder), but between 96 and 98 when I poured it into the cup for the attendant.

    The temperature issue was at least partially my fault, as I put some of the warming powder in at my home before I drove to the center- which was at least a hour before I 'peed in the cup' for the test.

    Either way- I passed. Concentra tested for marijuaua, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, pcp and ecstasy… all negative!

    Highly recommend the easy to use Sub Solution kit 🙂
    …and hope this helps someone else 🙂

  2. hey, i have a pre-employment test coming up in a month and just wanted to ease my mind so i dont have to go buy other products like magnum synth urine. Have you personally used this in a UA? Thank you for your time

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