The New Face of Heroin,Cocaine Addiction Full Documentary

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  1. Those poor monkeys !!! Make me fucking sick what people make animals do . They're at our Mercy . People fucking suck !! People choose to do cocaine animals don't

  2. Coke, crack, blues and brown are all addictive.but pure heroin is un harmfull to the human body bet I never new that!. just like the rest of the world's strongest drugs there illegal and man has tampered and created the shit the streets are littered with today. And coke is highly addictive so if it's not then go speak to your dealer that ain't coke your sniffing. Makes me laugh you all watch a government doc and instantly you all are an experts in drugs. The governments around the world have a lot more to answer to than just say no campaigns……

  3. I did cocaine 7 times and never ever felt any addiction towards it. Just had a big party weekend and after that didn't think about doing it again. I think Heroine is way more addictive to people

  4. Interesting the comments submitted in sympathy to cocaine being used on monkeys, but not much mention of how cocaine was forced on Blacks to energize Black workers for long hard labor. These deliberate attempts to destroy people.

  5. who ever edited these stupid advert into this program should be sacked and never work again
    as for the cocaine and any other addictive drugs
    its the symptom not the cure

  6. How can I trust this doc when the first thing they say is wrong. "Cocaine was mistakenly labeled a narcotic, when it's actually a stimulant " WRONG!!! It IS a narcotic, but it's also a stimulant

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