The “mid-level” Chicago drug dealer whose bust led the feds to “El Chapo” talks

Christopher “West Side” Baines talks from prison with a Chicago Sun-Times reporter — something he refused to do with the feds who eventually followed his …


  1. Honestly 20 years is peanuts for that amount of drugs he was convicted for. There's people never ever being busted for any drug possession & get as much or a lot more time in prison. But the Feds are tricky, & play dirtier than the drug dealers they arrest. Anyway 20 years is a long time anyway, i hope it passes by fast. Good luck.

  2. Wish feds would prosecute these heads of companies who make millions in bonuses all while laying off hundreds of people. All in the name of "cost effectiveness". Financial ruin is just as affective as addiction when it comes to the erosion of family structures.

  3. So he had a bright future ahead of him regardless but he wanted to be greedy and not even for more money than his parents worth (pointless) .. and he doesn’t understand why they get less time because “ he isn’t really bout that life” they get this time because they turn informant .. they could’ve had murders out for their case and still manage to make a deal wit officers depending on how bad they wanted *their next guy


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    Homicides in Chicago 2018: A list of every victim | Chicago Sun-Times

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  5. Just read the sun times article…I'm shocked that Chapo actually got on the phone with the Flores twins when discussing a 20 kilo heroin deal from 55k to 50k each…..I just can't believe chapo would talk about that when that's a relatively small amount by cartel standards…I just can't believe that.

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