1. My mom bought an iPad for her business and I helped her set it up, I even used my Apple ID. Problem is, I had iCloud photo sharing turned on on my phone. Was NOT a fun time when I got a phone call from her at school the next day asking why there were so many nude pictures of girls at my school on there 😂 she also couldn’t look at my girlfriend the same way after that

  2. Oh no I’ll be honest I lose my shit when I get a dick pic. Especially if I’m not expecting it to be so close to the camera. My friend and I call this one guy Mr. Firestarter bc he sends videos and it looks like he’s trying to start a fire with his dick he’s jerking it so fast.

  3. it's true, girls show EVERYONE dick pics. every time one of my coworkers gets one, they yell for the others to come see. even tried to get me to look a few times. i'm a straight dude…

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