1. Wrong choice of music genre, Reggae represents freedom and fighting against any restrictions or oppressions. So the fact your doing a DRUG TEST for your new JOB; the whole point of this video is against Reggae music. Not everything to do with weed should be associated with Reggae music, ESPECIALLY A DRUG TEST.!!!!!!!! wtf.

  2. Everybody is different thank god I don’t listen to the negativity I’ve passed drug tests in 3 days man ..just drink mad water and dilute your pee before the test you will have a better chance to pass …don’t listen to these ppl that say it’s impossible

  3. The thc tests don't test for thc.  They test for metabolic byproducts of thc. The metabolic byproducts (which are NOT psychoactive) can last in your body for up to a month after you ingest cannabis.  They are not real THC tests.

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