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Cheating on keto diet. Cheating on diet during holiday season. How to stay on track with diet during holidays. Hey friends I wanted to touch base with you all …


  1. It is so refreshing to see someone who is saying this is a journey, not a sprint. Food will always be a part of every holiday and get together. We need to learn to not use that as an excuse to derail our progress. Love, love, love your positivity.

  2. It's not for the faint of heart by any means! So much self control and mental fortitude is needed especially during the holidays, treats can be all over the place, especially at holiday parties

  3. Hi Danielle, I quit sugar 2.5 years ago. At 40 years of age I realised that I was never going to be the person that can have one slice of cake or one cookie. Sugar triggers something in my brain that makes me want to eat until I feel sick. It's been so liberating quitting sugar. I can maintain a healthy weight without dieting and I just eat a clean healthy diet. I'll probably eat some extra carbs over the holidays but definitely no sugar. I don't miss it one bit!! I hope you have a great time over the holidays xx

  4. So sad! My electrolyte packets that I put in water are full of maltodextrin!!! I had no clue – so back to square one- potassium and magnesium tablets are BORING! So stay away from Ultima

  5. Merry Christmas and Thank you, Daniela for theses tips. . .Can’t wait for the Keto 101. I’ve worked hard to learn the in’s and out’s of Keto but it’s still a mystery to me. See ya Saturday!

  6. My daughter and I decided to stay o ff the wagon until Dec 26. I however started low carb today. Im still on WW online but I just need a change. Looking forward to your videos after Dec 26. Have a wonderful holiday with your beautiful family!!

  7. Daniela this was such a great video!! Thank you for this “pep talk”! I needed this and I am so excited for Keto 101! Thank you again! God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your tribe! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  8. I definitely needed this video today. I was super stressed after a 12hr shift yesterday at the hospital. I came home and binged ate on all the things I shouldn't have. Going to jump right back into keto today. I'm looking forward to the new series coming ❤💚❤💚 you're the best!!

  9. i'm sticking with keto for the holidays and honestly so far i'm not feeling deprived or bothered by it. we live far from any family so all of our holiday will just be the 4 of us. i usually get thru it with a lot of sugar and junk, and my depression generally peaks by new yrs. my weight peaks on new yrs and i start the yr feeling horrible about myself. i'm so done with that. i've made a lot more homemade treats then i normally would, all keto friendly and my kids and husband have enjoyed it all. and the majority of my friends out here have been very supportive. only one tries to sabotage regularly but she has her own issues with food, and she hasn't gotten mad when i've said no thank you.

  10. Thanks for your video. I celebrated my birthday a couple of days ago, and decided to cheat 3 days. I drank lots of water ams IF, lost it again in 3.5 days. All is good! I jumped back and reminded myself that I have control of what and when I cheat! I love Keto and what it has done for me!

  11. Well said Danielle! Thanks for the motivation. Last night I went to my hubby's Christmas party. I ate mostly keto but did have some chips and cake but I'm right back on it today. Lots of H2o and better eating! And i just take it day by day, lb by lb

  12. Thank you for the advice, I've been struggling lately to stay motivated because I'm not seeing results quickly like I did when I started keto. I'm looking forward to your series and I think I need to get back to basics. My goal is only 12 pounds away! ❤

  13. “Clear my plate” mindset! Thank you for addressing this. Besides my “full sensation” button being broken, this was something that was instilled in me growing up. I have opted to make myself wonderful treats that fit within my chosen lifestyle. Alternates to what I usually gorge on…Thanksgiving lazy keto and 2 lazy keto Christmas parties turned out so well that I didn’t feel restricted or cheated out of anything and with the improvement in so many medical markers it has been so much less “obsessive” in my head that I am very comfortable saying “no, I am not interested in the bread basket” and meaning it! Bring on the muffuletta dip w salami chips & pork rinds! Bring on the sausage & marscapone stuffed mushrooms, and to round out my Christmas Eve faire there will be triple chocolate cheesecake w toasted pecan crust that I am honestly having trouble waiting until then to make 😁. It will be a keto Christmas for me all the way! For the first time in my life I do not feel that I am truly “restricted”…I am empowered. Thanks D!

  14. Great advice! Thanks for the video! Im so all or nothing, and I usually just gorge myself if I allow myself even a bite. I’m going to practice portion control & remember that it’s just food & has no power over me 😁 Thanks again 💖

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