1. YT stopped notifying me of your vids, had to look you up to find this one. I enjoyed it much, weed has become legalized in Michigan. People are waking up finally. I'd rather be around someone that has smoked a bowl than someone that's been drinking. There is a definite difference.

  2. bottom line; the illegality is a money maker.
    Big Pharma is obv sitting as the most vested party. But don't discount the involvement of politicians cashing in War on drugs > Privatizing prisons big money maker for prison owners & the lobbied Congress who set it up. (Thank BC '94 and the infamous “three strikes” law) we're left with mass incarceration and as taxpayers we also pay the bill.

    Anyone else feel like we're being taken for a ride?

  3. Hey, has anyone noticed that youtube is skewing recommendations? The
    only recommendations I get are from things I searched a long time ago.
    My main interest is politics, and there is not one recommendation
    relating to that.

  4. The problem is here in Canada the weed is designed to harm and cause people to become unhinged … They cranked up the THC and removed all CBDs… They weaponized the green…. The only ones that have CBD is the medical strains.. Anyways nothing natural about modified weed…

  5. YES marijuana is safe, people are not. PEOPLE have genetically modified marijuana for potency and taste, as a consequence we are smoking GMOs which is more dangerous than eating them. ALL strains of marijuana which are assigned a name which identifies the genetic makeup, which is MAN MADE and dangerous.

  6. I’m from Colorado and it might as well be illegal for me because the industry I work in is federally regulated so it’s still off limits for me. But I’d say yes, I think it definitely needs to be studied as far as the health h benefits goes. But in the very least I know it helps with insomnia.

  7. 8o% of Americans are led by the nose by brain damaged celebrities and paid off scientists and MSMmedia ! While u are turning your children into cross dressing delinquents that will be spending there lives in homeless shelters or a halfway houses, Keep worshiping the media and poisoning yourself and your children with vaccines so you can be scientific experiments 🧪 to the elites while selling out your countrymen at every turn

  8. Madison Wisconsin Decriminalized Recreational Cannabis For Adults In 1977! Decades Before California!Madison was the second city in the Nation to do after Ann Arbor Michigan. Midwest Represent!

    Search "Madison City Ordinance 23.20" for confirmation.

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  10. In Holland it has done it’s devastating job already,lot’s of psychotic addicts here…they use boosters for growing witch are full of chemicals and the sell it as organic.i am glad i am off that shit…but i believe that cbd oil has good benefits for your health….❤️ from Holland

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