1. Try vaping with nicotine. Nicotine is shown to help the frontal part of the brain that is usually affected and shrunk in those with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Nicotine is know to help a person chill out and I don’t believe it has any negative psychoactive affects. I use a V8 stick with 6mg nicotine and it chills me right out. Gets rid of most(not all) of my anxiety. And sounds like the affects of marijuana without the risk of psychosis. Cheers.

  2. if you are not on meds or anything be aware you can be triggered by things as long you remind yourself that you are REAL and these voices aren't. The voices are real but they cannot control your future. READ CAREFULLY please! Did you do drugs before smoking pot? How did it start? As for the voices I recommend you develop a coping mechanism. If they tell you to jump in front of the car, don't listen to them. You're worth being alive. Stay brave. Can you tell me what else they tell you? Do you have any religious delusions too? As for the aliens just try not to engage any information because you probably shouldn't know anything because the human race isn't ready. If they wanted to engage you, I recommend testing them if they are good entities. I don't recommend engaging them at all. Second of all. Cannabis is a herb not a drug. I stopped smoking weed but I read that less than 3% THC with High CBD ratio is safer. I dunno why they take those. Some people claim it helps but I don't recommend it. Third of all I heard that nutrients work so well. Eat fresh food. Raw Fruits and Vegetables and get tested for gluten to see if you are allergic to Gluten food or if you can have Gluten Free food from wheat and soy and dairy. I have been relying on that and my digestive system is extremely healthy. Those medications can have side effects. I recommend get on a low dose and don't be on it long. Everyone is different and always make sure you are honest with your doctors too. Tell them you ARE not a dangerous person. I can tell you would not hurt yourself or anyone. You're another example why Schizophrenia people aren't dangerous at all. As for the delusions, try to social mores. Your brain sets in reality. Use a lot of distraction to reduce the symptom. How many voices do you have? I'll watch all of your other videos to see how you are doing bud. Hang in there. Everyone says that Schizophrenia people won't last wrong. I disagree. Remember to get higher doses of CBD and make sure you get lab reports. They work a lot. It depends on what brand and place you get it from. Any questions don't hesitate to ask me. I have studied this well and built a coping skill to control what is going on. I recommend you not get to close to what you are doing because sometimes voices can be assholes and try to control you back. That's not always the case because you can always remind them that YOU are real and you can easily eliminate this one way or the other. You're not in danger. You are IN control of your life period. Please get back to me if you EVER heard of any religious stuff at all. It's very common for people who are affected by this. Everyone might be different. I would like to learn from you. I'll tell you my experiences sometime!

  3. Sorry you're going through this. I used to smoke weed socially and then one day, it started making me intensely paranoid around others. I would get these thoughts that I was a loser and no one liked me…not even my friends or family. It became impossible to smoke with others. I barely smoke now but if I do, I do it alone. I still get the wave of paranoia but if I am alone, I can talk myself out of it. Weed can really fuck with how you think but it does have positive aspects too.

  4. I have had similar delusions where I feel like everyone is listening to me. I have also felt like I was in a video game where everything was simulated. I believed people were watching me and playing my life as a video game. I smoked weed a month ago and went back to the hospital. I feel like you and I are in a similar place, deff like a limbo state! I also really love getting high and smoking but with my condition I can't anymore and it sucks bc weed is the best haha. Anyways, I wish you the best in your recovery!

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