Phalaenopsis Orchids will rebloom from the same spike – True or false?

Since Phalaenopsis are the most common orchids we can buy, there are a lot of videos and articles out there regarding growing them. However, some things are …


  1. I have many orchids, mostly Phal., for many years. They all live together and seem to appreciate the closeness. I have a few elders that only wand to grow over one edge of the pot. Huge, healthy leaves…..on one side of the pot then roots grow up on the other side.this makes the pot pretty unstable. If I repot, roots are still pulled out of the mix. Another problem I have recently encountered is the new flowering shoot has decided to grow from underneath a very wide leaf….. Will it survive growing horizontally? I can't trading it upward due to the width of the leaf on top of it😟

  2. I love orchids alot and this time I am determined not to kill my Phalaenopsis. Currently my orchid is starting to dry at the tip from where the flower blooms were and the entire spike lost its flowers. It's only drying up about 3 inches from the top. Below the spike that is drying there is was a secondary spike that had blooms also. So, the entire 2 foot spike is green other than the top 3 inches. There are many nodes all the way up to and below the drying area at the tip. My questions are: Do I cut all the way down to the bottom? Should I cut below or above the secondary spike? Should I cut it when I dries up completely? Thanks so much for all the information you give on your videos!

  3. I've had a Phalaenopsis orchid now for 3 years and I knew nothing about them when I got it. It came in a ceramic pot about 3" wide and 4" tall. last year I repotted it but because you said they like small spaces I just repotted it in the same pot with new medium. It's blooming now, but I didn't secure the spike with clips so the spike is growing horizontally (grrr). I plan to repot it again after the blooms fall off into a slightly bigger pot with drain holes. I wish I could post a picture so you could tell me anything that might be obvious to you that I need to do, but I'm assuming since it's blooming it's doing ok.

  4. I have something weird happening to some of my orchids. My phals are producing these tiny little growths on the spikes. They are either spherical or oblong shape. New spikes? plantlets? Buds? What are these?

  5. I left two spike on my plant.  Now almost a year later one spike is dying.  It appears that I have two new plants from seperate nodes off the drying spike.  Can I plant these??  They appear to have new roots starting.

  6. so my phal is now exactly 1 year old, light green flowers, the two flower spikes it has has got two flower spikes on the one old spike and another flower spike on the other spike, plus it has another 2 newly grown flower spikes from the center stem. is this normal or a mutation, cause im worried and excited, will do a video on what im talking about, as this sounds very confusing right now.

  7. Can they spike from the place twice? I have a phal that has a growth coming out of the hole of the most recent spike. I cut it close the base about a month ago. And something is now growing from the "spike hole"

  8. Hi… I've a white phalaenopsis since May 2013… I was surprised with the spike it gave me in December 2014, it keeps blooming with 7-8 big and healthy flowers till now despite am having other new spikes… I don't know how is it possible that old spike having always fresh new buds ready to bloom as soon as the very first flower is about to fall…that spike has bloomed and rebloomed 4 times… I guess I should cut the spike now as soon as the flowers fade and it is having new leave and spike too… I don't know if my other phalaenopsis will react as this one… I'm waiting impatiently what the others will do…

  9. Thanks for sharing! I went to an orchid seminar last saturday and the man giving the lecture said that if you want a spike to rebloom with a cascade look, you cut it above the last node at an angle, because if you cut it straight across, the spike will branch into a straight and thin branch with 1-2 blooms that wont last long. I am not sure whether or not this works because I have no phals in spike to experiment on but he seemed to know what he was talking about and he gave us some nice freebie oncidiums 🙂 by the way, my Cattleya is still a little closed but its fragrance has changed completely! It started off as a very faint rose smell but now its getting much stronger and smells more like a mixture between rose and perfume and many other fragrances, the best way to describe it is a sweet floral cattleya smell lol, also how is the millenium magic?

  10. Hi Danny I love your channel. Thank you for all the information. I have an orchid for over a year now and thanks to you I know that it is a phalaenopsis. When I got her she was in bloom and had the prettiest white flower. I was in love. She has a flower spike and I'm so excited to see her bloom again.

  11. I'd say it might be better for the orchids to cut the spike if the orchid is sick or weak to make it focus on growth and recovery. I did it last year on a phal with only 2 leaves and very few roots in order to help it grow, although its been pretty much frozen in time until now. I've heard that some sick or weak phals might create spikes as a desperate means to reproduce one last time and get severely weakened by the attempt, but I've never noticed this with any of my own orchids. But I have managed to rebloom phals from older, still living spikes, one did it 2 times in a row. Oh, and good luck with the move! 🙂

  12. I have always had good experience with cutting phalaenopsis orchid flower spikes after they are done blooming. My plalaenopsis bloom about 2-times a year. I have this ~ 11 year old pink orchid and it always puts out a big flower spike with many side-branches. This season it put out 3 big spikes, but I cut 1 off, because it lost 3 leaves at once, and now it has quite a stem. I have never had problems with cutting the spikes and my phalaenopsis are growing lush and strong. I recently left the flower spike on my white plalaenopsis on, but it has descided now to put out a new, seperate flower spike. Based on this knowledge, we had a funny story with me and my mom cutting our dendrobium orchid ''flower spikes'' after they were done blooming. Yeah…. a big no no 😀

  13. Great and informative as always. The main problem with the phal. hybrids is that many growers think their phals are doing really well.They've grow a good new leaf, produce a flower spike with 6 or 7 blooms and all seems wonderful. But many don't realise just how much better they can be grown. Most don't achieve the optimum conditions like 25C to 28C day time and 18C-20C night time temps. with at least 12 hours of the right light. Good phals grow 3 or even 4 leaves a year and produce several spikes with 15 to 20 blooms – check videos of orchid shows etc. Plants as 'fighting fit' as these do marvelous things. I haven't got many phals but my spikes come off completely as soon as the 1st flower fades. I believe (not certain) that spikes contain 'auxins' that send signals to the main plant to inhibit types of growth. With no spike, those signals are removed and it just gets on with vegetative growth which in turn gives it strength/energy to have another go at flowering (my theory).

  14. Awesome video, as always 🙂 I prefer to cut the flower spike to the base, because one time I left the flower spike when it finished blooming and even it rebloomed after a couple of months the flowers weren't as big as before. Don't really know if it's because it rebloomed from the same spike, but makes sense 😀

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