Only 25 cannabis store permits to be issued in Ontario for April | Power & Politics

Ontario will only issue 25 licenses for pot stores in its first phase of authorizing retail cannabis shops. There will be a lottery for the licenses and the stores are …


  1. ..🦊…marijuana is at the bottom of the corruption list ,…..if other people’s decisions ( corruption ) has nothing to do with you then shut the hell up ,…this is national security for the u.s.and canada ,….people have died over this ,….this type of corruption needs to be straight out in the open so it can be controlled,…the only classification of people that can be controlled,..get it ,…if you don’t care , don’t waste my time ,…🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  2. If you would just privatized everything there wouldn't be an issue! And this goes for the whole country. I'm not going to pay upwards $60 for a few grams when l can get way more from my current supplier.

    This is causing a backlog which is just going make the problem worse and will just drive away people from wanting to buy it the legal way. Which really isn't a bad thing anyway. Anybody l've ever known almost who sells are normal working class people.

  3. The problem is we have as silly system. The model of having licensed growers as sellers crazy. It should be treated like cigarettes. Let anyone grow and sell. Regulate the why its grown and who it is sold too. If it is labeled a certain amount of THC then it must be so. Selling only to those of legal age

  4. The black market will thrive untill the gov't can match it's availability and price and that will not this respect cannabis stores are an expensive novelty and just a fallback for most users…gov't will price themselves out of the market.

  5. you Canukians are going to have a tuff time growing The Kind. and growing indoor is a stone cold killer of low costs. add in the vast bureaucracy and you're toast. people will grow outside. The Federal side will never overcome the Culture prior to legalization. no one wants permission from Big Mama.

  6. There are that many stores just alone in Calgary…what the heck are these guys doing? Doug Ford is way to of a regressive old timed conservative. We nee more progressive conservatives if we're gonna hope to boot Trudeau next year.

  7. Hahahahahaha so what you are saying is just keep going to Hamilton because there is already 50 or more stores open and operating and have been for a while. Shortage of weed? Make ur way up to BC and I’m sure they will have the country covered. Or stick with ur L.P’s that send out mouldy weed and short people’s counts 😂😂. Government made a mockery of legalization and they keep on making themselves look like a bunch of morons.

  8. there has not been a lack of supply of weed in this area since one Christmas in the 90s. There is nothing but excuses. Glad the government endorses the bike gangs and vietnamese over tax paying private corporations.

  9. What is the date for most cities, Jan 28th? This opt out gig is Ford's play to his right wing Jesus club supporters. The same people who are trying to go at the education, police, and health care system.

  10. Black market is taking off big time. Idiotic liberals messed up this simple task with useless bureaucracy and rules intended to grant a monopoly to a few corporations. Canadians, grow it yourself, don't pay the government and the monopolist corporations anymore money.

  11. This is so backwards!!!! Don’t blame either government when private industry has been MORE than willing to be a bigger part of this. I’m sorry, but our politicians in Canada are delusional in thinking that reducing the number of people who smoke or ingest cannabis will even change. We live in a society that values smoking a joint at home far larger than having a drink in public considering our arcane liquor laws, and obscene amounts of taxes involved in ANY luxury product industry.

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