Navigating Early Recovery and Relapse

A must-see for anyone in early recovery from addiction or who has experienced relapse. Tommy Rosen has been there and shares hard-earned insights that will …


  1. Hey Tommy , I am glad to tell you , somewhere back in September ,I saw you video realted to marijuana abuse and I did quit on the 10th September , today I am 105 days sober , on recovery.. I am really thankful to you and the content you put up on this channel. Thank you ..

  2. Amazing. I'll be joining you guys this coming Monday. Tomorrow will mark a week that I've remained sober from marijuana πŸ™‚ Feeling great! Watching your videos Tommy has kept me inspired to stay positive and strive for my best self possible.

  3. I want to give myself this hour, but the day just keeps flying…. so, I thank you for the moment of peace, for the deep breaths. I've missed it! I will sit down later this evening and listen to the entire hour, but I'm so grateful for the reminder and the moment.

  4. I'm surprised 'isolation' is not considered an addiction or aggravation. Surrendering makes me feel uncomfortably vulnerable. I don't trust. How can one who is addicted to people/codependency truly surrender and trust that anyone in the addiction recovery program won't use and abuse someone who is codependent?
    P.S. I don't trust therapists either.

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