1. I'm interested in hotshot under 26k but apparently will need med card & dot, not sure about mc# as o/o, per truck and trailer combined over 10k. was told by fmcsa guy under 26k doesn't get ua screens but he also said if my trailer was under 10k I can do interstate without any dot regs as I posted above seems he was at least partially incorrect. I know ya can't even have 1 beer in cab but what about non cdl under 26k driver with a dime bag?

  2. It can wait for sure when you retire, but smoking at home on your free time is different than smoking and on the road, but not worth sneaking it in the end, just be sharp like you said ha

  3. i failed 2 dot weed exams still running like nothing happened …still..FMCSA get your shit together we are harmless people with perfect driving records, how dare you tell us we can't smoke weed 2 weeks prior to sitting behind a wheel if you let alcoholics drink a day before they operate the truck, its bullshit and yall know it

  4. I feel what you attempt to promote but this is the thing what a person does on their down time is what you should be allowed. You have people that drink alcohol and sleep it off. Yea no person should DUI, but if you on ya 10, 34, or HT, it shouldn't matter. Out of my 31 years of living(not driving) I have never woke up with or heard anyone waking up with a hangover from marijuana. I passed my written & driving test high. I'm not saying as if I'm proud of it, I'm saying it saying if you never smoked weed don't put people down like they are bad people. 75% of these 20+ year drivers have told me about some damn booger sugar. I rather fear that knowing it's affects are 95% similar to alcohol. Obviously you have never used because you speaking from false propaganda and contradicting yourself. But you drinking something far more harmful than weed. But guy your mentality is yours, but learn facts before you state effects of something you don't know about.

  5. I hear a lot of companies do random drug tests and I don’t want to have to give up weed completely just to truck. Obviously I’m not gonna drive high, but every once in a while I like to get high and I don’t wana fail a random drug test and lose my job for smoking two weeks before it. Weed stays in the system for a while so there should be a more accurate test that shows that you have smoked. I don’t get why all these companies gotta piss test it’s bs. They should all just do a saliva test.

  6. My main question is how do truck companies treat people living in legal states. I'm willing to clean out and have already started. I'm wondering if they will give you a chance knowing where you came from. Is it plausible to be straight up with them? As in look I might be dirty, but I'm willing to do extra testing in order to prove that I'm cleaning out and willing to stay clean now that I have purpose. Like to here what your two cents on this is.

  7. Yea the drug test is to protect the company BUT its more so to keep on point and grow as a man. If I could quit, anybody can quit. Never smoked a blunt worth 70k a year 🤔

  8. anyone driving under the influence of drugs, be it Marajuana, alcohol or stuff like class A substances is just asking for trouble!. I drive a van for a living, I used to drive a 7500kg cube truck for a living and because of this, I won't even touch a can of budwiser!

    Roll Safe Rich, keep it sticky side down, shiny side up and all pointing forwards!

  9. Man….I couldn't agree with you more. There is NO PLACE in a truck for a dope head. I would drop a dime on a pot head in the drivers seat of a big truck in a second and have no remorse in doing so simply because I more than likely just saved their life as well as others. We need you above ground in the drivers seat moving this nation forward. Not in a 6 foot hole!

  10. Pot is becoming legal in Canada. Probably eventually the Charter of Rights will protect folks from being piss tested.
    But for Canadians going OTR USA, we have to pass a piss test if we want to run American.
    So I stay clean. I got enough problems concentrating, keeping the sloppy steering straight in my Freightliner. Touching my cell is scary enough.
    I can't speak for or understand American laws.
    You got to be on point. I totally agree. 👍⚡
    Love your way of explaining this!

  11. Rich – thanks for the video. I have been thinking about getting my license and going into trucking lately. I don't smoke weed but your video applies to me as well. I love beer and bourbon, but if you are on the road, there's just no place for it. Not even a 34 hour reset. Even if I don't go into trucking, I don't want a drugged out/drunk driving 80000 lbs. of metal and glass at 65mph next to my loved ones ever!

  12. Aye yo good topic. Just put down the herb a week ago. Waiting for it to clean out then gonna get my CDL. Too much time and money wasted on weed with nothing to show for it. I'ma wait 3 months but was wondering, can i get my permit in the mean time while waiting? Also, do all trucking companies do a hair follicle test? Keep doing you bruh stay up.

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