1. Thank you for your videos, they sure will come in handy on my very first visit to Las Vegas and also trying edibles. I’m thinking I’m going to stick with the dark chocolate candy bar.

  2. You seem to be increasing the THC mg each time, is your tolerance going up? Talk about that please. Also, are you okay doing this for your youtube account? You using this stuff to get out there or just know this is just an outlet for you?

  3. Alot of times i contact companies who claim that their edibles are lab tested to see if they will show me the test results and every single time they either say the cant release the test results or they show me completely irrelevant test results from 2012. Someone really needs to call em out on that

  4. Thanks so much for all your videos Im a 58 yr w/m from georgia I have just started using marijuana for my med conds and its hard for me to figure out what to buy now yes I live in georgia but I have Family in Calif so that says it all lol lol I get packages lol and I use your reviews to figure out what to try thanks again please keep up the good work

  5. This brand specifically is absolute shit. I hate how much money I have wasted on these con artist. I legitimately had no effect after eating multiple 350 mg edibles from them…. the animal cookies especially suck ass

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