1. Worked for a family chiro practice for years and relied on it for wellness care for over 20 years. Like all fields there are hucksters and there are people who do great work. Since finding great holistic chiros my health improved dramatically. No doctor visits for 17 years. No need.

  2. JOE Please have someone who is a chiropractor and well studied on the history and follies of the profession, instead of a girl who happens to like to smoke pot and agrees with your current stance. I’m a pharmacist and I at least know what a chiropractor has to have before even getting into the school. It’s the same as us and medical doctors for their undergrad. You both get it much more wrong from there.

  3. A good chiropractor can make a night and day difference in my experience. Had several occasions where I went in with very limited mobility and walked out feeling like a teenager. But everybody's body and afflictions are different so its understandable not everyone has the same experience.

  4. Chiropractic medicine simply had the same origin as modern medicine. A bunch of quacks claiming they can heal anything and after all these years they now only work on problems they can most likely help. Chiropractors, like medical doctors, can possibly help but there is no guarantee.

  5. Having your neck, spine and pelvis all aligned through chiropractic care can cure many mental and physical ailments. I have heard stories of epilepsy and much more being cured by chiropractic care. This has been pushed down and covered up by big Pharma because they want to keep prescribing pills that mask symptoms, don't fix the problems and slowly kill you. Guys, your spine is your antenna. All of your energy that flows throughout your body goes up your spine to your brain. This is why blockages in the spine cause mental dis-ease. The highest degree of Freemason is 33rd, symbolic of 33 vertebrae in the spine. It's esoteric knowledge.

  6. Joe had a bad experience with a chiropractor because he had a much more serious problem with his back. Chiro can definitely help if the root of your problems is a misaligned bone(s).

  7. A chiropractor saved my life, too! I was going to pay the “Dr” a buttload of cash because he wouldn’t let me pay over time. I accidentally went to a bar and got hammered, did some tittie blow later on. We ended up at the Canadian border playing mandarin drinking games with some of the local Eskimos. Parrrrtayyy.

  8. "Science Science Science!"
    Where is she quoting the science to back up the claim statistically most chiropractic treatment causes more harm or assists less than traditional treatments?

    "You shouldn't eat noodles because Asians make it"
    .. "but I like noodles"
    .. "that's not important, Asians made it so don't eat it"

    "You shouldn't use a chiropractor because they are not real doctors"
    .. "but my chiropractor helps me"
    .. "that's not important, they are not real doctors so don't use them"

    Some doctors are terrible and do more harm than good, some chiropractors are terrible and do more harm than good, what we need is more accountability in all medical fields (and others like lawyers and accountants – and also organizations such as hospitals). A reputation system that follows them .. badly performing ones wont like it but professionals entrusted with the livelihoods of their clients should be made to stand behind their results, not their titles.

  9. idk what kind of chiropractor you guys are going to, but mine said to me that what he would do is align my spine a little and release the pressure cause by the use incorrect of my back, which would lead to a relief of the back pain.

  10. If you are going to give voice to this half wit at least interview Kennedy Jr with the Children’s Health Defense Fund and let people fact check and decide who they are going to trust.

  11. And this woman has proven vaccines are safe and effective!?! Haha please!!! Hope her science and research is better on the other topics she blabbers about:(
    Hannah Poling/ autism trigger
    Do a little fact checking……

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