“It Eats the Grain”, Unloading 1000 Bushel of Corn into Grain Bin, Corn Harvest

Tim and Tom Marks show how the farm uses on-site scales, and moisture testing before unloading 1000 bushel of corn into the on-farm grain bin. The 13 inch …


  1. Wow,
    omg, that's awesome. He's like my dad. T
    hat's way different than what we do. Cool. (We're small, we wait until it's ok then throw it in the bin and then throw the fan on it). What kind of tractor has that kind of cab? we got rid of our 1066 cab, too hot.

    Neat as hell. (done some "what, 40 amp breaker to what you're saying?" We auger it all in but we don't weigh shit (just on the way out). (zap (we don't do the box on the side auger.), granted we don't have you're type of truck to dump out of we usually use a gravity wagon (it works). You're probably good without it. (imo, but we use a little dump truck else-wise, one axle otherwise, not a trailer).

    i.e. this =p
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=21&v=YWWinX4EM74 (I'm just a fellow nerd with farm shit) you can take all my 'views' for fun =p

  2. One stormy windy night my elevator had to load a train of 110 cars after a 12 hour shift 1 day during harvest. Well the state guys sample machine broke down and im the on hand millwright well i couldnt get parts for that old pos machine at 2 a.m so we had to hand probe the last 20 cars. Each car has 3 bays and each pay has to be probed…..rain pelting us contaminating my samples…max moisture could only be 16. Nothing working right. a night from hell. Got off work at 4 a.m. we were all shot to hell, elevator opened an hour late. Got to work and we had farmers wrapped around the town waitin….if osha knew some of the stuff that went on there wouldnt be an elevator open in America.

  3. I laugh because transphos,,a dirt hauling company buys grain trailers to haul dirt for mosaic,! And owner isn't smart enough to know the difference!😆😅,he pays them percentage as company drivers and then their forced to use manual crank handle and fight the bars and dirt to cover the load?

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