How To Make THC / Marijuana E-juice For Use In Any Vape

Learn how to make your own THC / Marijuana E-juice for use in any vape. 2:24 I say 30% of 15 is .4ml this is wrong. Its 4.5ml. In this video we make a 15ml batch …


  1. I only have wx and pg now do i have to use vg to put in the mix. Ihavent found any answer to that question please help if you know any thing with that now should i just boil my pg with my wax exactly like how you did it and just put it in my vape

  2. Check the New Terp Infused Solvent710 Liquid Zags. Super Concentrated formula. Badass flavors. This stuff will suspend more OIL than any other solution I've tried. Vaping their Blueberry OG. DANK aSf.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. why e-liquid with flavor? why not glycol or something else so you can capture the flavor of your concentrate? why not use a cartridge with a c-cell coil with a .5 -.8 ohm head if you want a bigger hit? what am i missing? what would be the benefit of doing this, making concentrate to run through an e-liquid coil? seems counterproductive.

  4. i dont consume cannabis this way , yet , i will in the future but i just smoke blunts jionts bowls and bongs , but what im confused to is why ad any flavor to cannabis ?? the natural flavor of cannabis should never be altered in any way

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