Jesus saved an ex-drug addict and cleaned him up!!! He didn’t need Rehab !!! JESUS IS A GREAT SAVIOR!!! TAGA: drug addict, addict, drug addiction, drug …


  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Albert. I love when you said that the Lord doesn't want us to clean ourselves up, but he tells us to come to Him, and He does the cleaning up. Thank you, Jesus, for Your incredible love and mercy.

  2. Praise God! I started drinking when I was 15 at the age of 26 I went from booze to Meth. Was a Meth smoker for 23 years. Was never arrested until I prayed for Christ to save me from that living hell. 2 weeks later I was incarcerated and did my time. I told the judge the day I was locked up was the day I was set free! No rehab needed. Been sober since the day I was arrested. Christ is with me and helps me through each and every day. God bless all who overcome and find Christ.

  3. Praise the Lord I got rescued from drugs and alcohol and got saved by the Lords amazing grace and i can say I've never felt the same since , sure I struggle like everyone and suffer like everyone but God is on the throne and Jesus is coming back soon , and no more sadness no more pain no more sin no more death in Jesus name amen , a 1000 years is'oneday in heaven and Heaven is forever in Jesus name Amen 😇thank you God for your son Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏻😇

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