Dog with Brain Tumor: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment | Week 1

My wife and I were devastated to find out our 4 & 1/2 year old boxer (Sully) has a large glioma centrally located in his left forebrain. This past week and a half has …


  1. Hi. I just found your video and want to thank you for sharing. I have a Yorkie mix, 11 years old (Kibbles) who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was given 3 months. We have now hit the 13 month mark with her. She is on phenobarbital for focal seizures and we put her on a high dose of cbd oil. She is certainly not "normal". She still has mild seizures and weakness issues. She also has lost most of her training memories. She is happy and comfortable though. We will continue as we are and be thankful for all the extra time we have been given.

  2. My 11 year old boy had his first seizure Saturday. Was praying it was a one time gig..just happened again this desperate for info. Doctor says it’s a brain tumor. Had blood work and did an exam ultrasound of his body and found no anomalies..can’t afford an mri, as of Saturday it’s been 800 dollars so far…am devastated. Just lost my 17 year old girl..thanks for posting..esp. about cbd oils.

  3. Hey Chris, my dog is going through the same thing, which CBD oil did you use and what dosage? Please contact me ASAP, time is of the essence for my boy, thank you so much.

  4. So as of today, August 30, how is Sully? My Tibetan Mastiff at 11 1/2 was diagnosed with a possible brain cancer. He was not MRId since he had a lot of other physical problems and the options for stopping the tumor were very slight. The tumor went down his spine and he was unable to walk – this was on top of arthritis, hindlimb lameness, bilateral cranial cruciate disease. He went down and couldn't get up again and was in obvious pain. I thought about CBD oil but thought it was too late for that. He also had acupuncture and shots in his knees for pain. Nothing really helped and I had to let him go; it broke my heart but it was the right thing to do. I sincerely hope you have better luck with Sully. And a brain tumor, especially a glioma, can happen at any age, both in people and in dogs.

  5. Thank you ,I have a cane Corso female Regina wt.121#. Went to vet Tuesday May 15 2018 , she was puking her food up and didn't look right to us,breathing was labored and she began slobbering which was not normal, her eyes are not the same to us(me and husband) my name is Lori. My dog Regina is just 10 yrs old healthy normally no problems, my "vet" diagnosed Lyme disease have her on Ned's now but she still is behaving strange. Regina is a rescue I adopted her 3 yrs ago,we spend all our time together I no longer work , we go fishing or walking together everyday . My past experience with this breed was another rescue that all of a sudden she began seizures. Out of nowhere,one day everything is normal and then a seizure happen and another till it was 4 or 5x a day put her on some heavy anti seizure meds which was her downfall, she started walking in small circles an walking into walls and just stand facing wall falling all the time going to the bathroom in the house she was tested for epilepsie an diabeities both test were negative months past an she only got worse her quality of life was very sad and she didn't know what was going on she just looked lost we ended up euthanizing her . Her name was Sable and she was about 10 yrs old too. I really had a problem putting her down an not being able to fix her I figured she'd want me to rescue another . Regina is my girl a funny girl no one wanted she is very dog aggressive she was kept in a kennel all alone for 4 yrs . So now she is my dog and I love her. Now she is in trouble ,foaming of the mouth labored breathing ,eyes bugged out has trouble breathing , sleeping a lot and having problems eating she not vomitting anymore and keeping meds down Doxycycline , for Lyme, an Carprofen for swelling, I'm not sure if diagnose is correct that's why I'm writing you a book, sorry about that , I see different symptoms that are not associated with Lyme and these symptoms seem neuralgic like my past dog Sable who me I mention in above paragraphs . I wonder can she have a tumor, or maybe had a stroke, or is it just Lyme disease , weird eyes ,foaming ,drooling at the mouth her face seems tight tence an her breathing is all wrong, she's lost , this is our story , Thank you for your story about Sully and your family. I will keep the cbd oil in mind seeing the "vet" in morning again whether she likes it or not

  6. Thank you for your information. I have a little Boston Terrier  named Baxter she is 14 years old and I was just told she has a brain tumor. She has been home one day and she is very confused and disoriented.  Walking into walls  tripping ect. Can you give me any more information on CBD oils. Thanks

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