DL Hughley on Being Shocked that Bobby Brown Is Still Alive and Prince Isn’t (Part 3)

Watch Part 2: Watch Part 1: ——————— In this clip, D.L. Hughley spoke about his latest Netflix standup special, …


  1. Why is a white Jew interviewing blacks and black culture? Ya'll need to boycott this motha fucker and his channel and support a Black Interviewer and journalist to handle our business. Not this mother fucker trying to cornerstone our shit!

  2. I like that "#Y'all Too" but the she devil Edomite responsible for Emmitt Till is still walking around FREE after admitting she lied. Her admission without penalty is a slap in the face of Black America telling us we have no power and NOTHING has changed. Cosby in prison after years and for years for unproven crimes. A she devil free after admitting to a crime involving the murder of a child. This is a forsaken country ripe for judgment.

  3. It is so hard to believe that DL only has a GED. He is so intelligent and full of enlightenment. Every interview that I have watched him in, has always had a great insight on the Black community and he drops a lot of gems…

  4. I was the dj opening act for Bobby Brown when he toured Munich and the other spots in Germany in the late 80s and early 90s, Bobby Brown was all about getting fked up and fking girls , I am bilingual and he wanted me to send any girl that is down to ,,,,, backstage and he was smoking cigarettes like a champ the whole time ,,lol. the entertainment life,,

  5. Vlad didn't want to respond to the Catholic priest raping boys, but goes straight into the Booty Call movie💭 An all statements DL made about Bill? He barely cared for the Bill but people don't wanna hear the truth tho. Ijs…

  6. Dude kept a job, be it acting, trader joes or bus driver…ur not a failure when u support yo fam as a man! Acting is just a job like any other, it just puts u onscreen unlike most jobs. Vlad u stoopid for that comment. DL keepin it 💯as alwayz!

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