Building with Hemp – An Incredible Natural Insulation & Sustainable Material

Anthony from Art du Chanvre has built over 45 houses using hempcrete as a natural and sustainable insulation material. Hempcrete is made with a mix of hemp …


  1. The labor cost is too high, and the R-value at 2.1 per inch is on the low side for an insulation material. Polyurethane Foam (foamed on site) has an R-value of 6.25 per inch. R-values for fiberglass rolled batt insulation are typically between 2.9 and 3.8 per inch. R-value of cork is 3.00 per inch.

    Hempcrete is also a misnomer since it has nothing to do with concrete. It's not made using concrete and isn't near as strong as concrete. Hemplime would be a more honest term. It's not strong enough to build a load-bearing wall from it without additional framing.

  2. Can you explain why the timber stud is placed in the middle of the wall rather than on the interior? Surely on the interior it would allow a fixing for a wall plate for your first floor posijoists or similar. In addition it would ensure greater structural integrity to the frame of the building helping walls stay straight and plumb as some timber studs are not that straight over a 5 meter length. I ask these questions as I intend to build a Hempcrete house for myself. I built a Hempcrete house last year from sips panels, they had great insulation qualities but as a joiner stick built would be my preference. Where abouts are you building ? Jeremy

  3. I love your vids, but I would even more love to see how us normal people could incorporate minimalism and environmentally friendly living into our lives. Most of the people featured in your videos are wealthy individuals that can afford to use these alternative building materials and designs, but in reality, the majority of us are hindered by high costs and heavy regulations.

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