Aurora Cannabis stock In 5 years ! What Will Happen To Aurora In The Future – ACB Predictions

In this video me and aaron from departures capital step into the future and talk about what will happen with aurora cannabis 5 years from now. Future looks …


  1. When you get a chance to check out direct view Holdings ticker symbol Dirv they're sub Penny right now but we're way above a penny before it's the field that they're in that I think they have a lot of potential

  2. Investing hustler if Aurora plays the cards right ACB will get to 100b or so but they'll have 2b shares out at that time in 5-15 yrs. I believe the global marijuana market is around 1 trillion in total in 10-15 years. Reason is it will disrupt pharmaceutical at over a trillion global market , health n wellness /CBD in future is trillion dollar global industry, then alcohol is around 1.5 trillion globally , then nicotine is 700b. So then you add hemp market , and disrupting all those industries that potential is 1 trillion . I think the market in USA right knows around 3b and Canada will be 1.5b-2b in 2019 so that's 4.5-5b where the industry is, but it's early days and so many countries to penetrate! In a few years should be around 10b-15b then 5-10 closer to 30-60b then 15-20 years closer to a trillion imho.

  3. Hey guys, fun video, but send me that booze, lol. Do you think you could do a serious video on your thoughts on fsddf and Wayland? Would really love if our questions could be answered.

  4. exactly what I thought with GTXO that sucker went up 250% just like that and half hour later while I was trying to sell the dam thing it dropped to 126% I really hope it gains again tomorrow so I can get out, was down over 70% on that thing, man wouldn't it be sweet if Aurora did that bro, my hubby would quit tomorrow

  5. question: (Im from US), since Canada has legalized the Marijuana, are there any company that sells their product in gas station or any convenience stores such as 7-Eleven? or is it directly through smoke shop type store and Online?

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