10 of the Best iOS and Mac Apps of 2018

This year, we took a look at 5 macOS and iOS apps each month and in this video, we’re doing a retrospective that highlights some of the best Mac and iOS apps …


  1. My best iOS applications (for iPad Pro, iphone and Watch):
    – Fantastical
    – Drafts 5 as a note taking and as a tray and send my notes to any of the apps I use everyday (Fantastical, Things, Email, Notes…)
    – Things 3
    – Yoink as a collector of good stuff while searching the net for later use, synchronised on iDevices
    – Flipboard as a RSS feed like
    And then some games:
    – Grid Autosport
    – BubbleXplode
    – Tropico

  2. My two cents:
    – Agenda (Mac/iOS)
    – Things (Mac/iOS)
    – Affinity Photo (Mac/iOS)
    – BetterTouchTool (Mac)
    – Fantastical (Mac/iOS)
    – Little Snitch (Mac)
    – Alfred (Mac)
    – IINA (Mac)
    – App Cleaner (Mac)
    – Daisy Disk (Mac)
    – Money Pro (Mac/iOS)
    – XLD (Mac)
    – …

  3. If I need to del all app – I will stay use only 3 – Things 3 – best in world todo. YouTube and Worlflowy – best notes app ever in my life. Cheirman of NY Times use WorkFlowy too)
    But the best of the best is Things 3.

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  5. Thanks for the video. Here is my top 10 :

    1- Top 5 macOS Apps for 2018 :

    1- Nisus Writer Pro v3 : the best WYSIWYG word processor on Earth
    2- BBEdit 12 : the best text editor I have known for 25 years now
    3- Things : the best GTD processor I know
    4- Graphic Converter 10 : the only image processor I have been using for… years !
    5- Texpad : an excellent LaTeX editor

     2- Top 5 iOS Apps (used on iPhone X) :

    1- Calendar 5 : an excellent calendar program
    2- Spark : far better than Apple Mail.
    3- Things : the best GTD on macOS is also the best one on iOS
    4- Tydlig : an excellent calculator
    5- Apollo : a very good Reddit client

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