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  1. hey, this is the last time i am going to ask you.

    i am subscribed to your feed for 9.99 a month expecting something sent to my email. if you aren't gonna send anything refund my money please before i go to the consumers and report you.

    i have tried contacting you many times if you gonna try and run a scam think twice bro. it aint about the money its the principle.

  2. Things are turning so scary. One day you invest to make some money and you start to loose some…
    I do understand it clearly now, in order for some one to make money some one has to loose money.
    I would hate to see that happen to "little" investors like my self here.
    Keeping my $42.000 investment of Aurora for a long term.
    Lets see what happens, my opinion They are big strong company. Always read that they are #1 week company. Who is with me on this one ?! Please reply back with your thoughts. Thank you.
    Thank you Aaron, as usual…. Great video. Great info.

  3. It's a sell off guys… but hang in there… after a bear market there is a bull market… it might take 2 years… if you need the money within the next year you are screwed… but if you could hold on for dear life, then you will be one of the winners

  4. All the pressure Trump put on Powell not to raise rate backed fire. The more he tweeted the more Powell felt that he needs to show that the fed is independent and isn’t swayed by the powerful

  5. I was gonna average down but at this point Im gonna stay put til this selloff is done whenever that maybe and then see whens a good time to get back in the game, thoughts? also have a look at compass Gold for me CVB

  6. Inflation @2% and and interest rates are still low. There's only 1 possible way the rates can go and thats up. When u account for inflation we have been in negative interest rates for a long time and we are just now at 0 … The big picture matters now that fed is in QT mode

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