The Forgotten Victims of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Seven years on after one of the most catastrophic natural and nuclear disasters in history, we return to Fukushima to push past the headlines and tell the untold …


  1. Ignorance is bliss. You can ignore the truth (that radiation is death) but you cannot ignore the effects from ignoring the truth. I recommend reading Atomic Suicide by Walter Russell…Nikola Tesla has high regards to this man…nough said

  2. Anti-nuclear propaganda I see.
    Nuclear is the best source of power until we have developed better and more efficient renewable ways to get our power

  3. Vice really did a terrible job at documenting again. They could've at least provided some facts about Nuclear Energy. But instead focused on emotions like the typical propoganda media. Fukushima was a disaster. But the reality is that by the time all of the radiation reaches the US west coast it's basically been diluted. N what they failed to tell you is the Half-Life of the radiation isotopes. Most of radioactive isotopes that was released had a Half-Life of 8days to 3years n very little of the Half-Life of 10yrs (Cs-13 of a Half-Life of 30yrs). radionuclides also undergo biological excretion and do not continue to build up in fish forever. Their is a lot of water it has to cross. And water acts as a diluent. The Fukushima was a "Fission reactor" not a "Fusion reactor" Both fission and fusion are nuclear reactions that produce energy, but the applications are not the same. Fission is the splitting of a heavy, unstable nucleus into two lighter nuclei, and fusion is the process where two light nuclei combine together releasing vast amounts of energy. Fission reactors "Meltdown or explode" Fusion reactors cannot do any of those things. In an event like this a Fusion reactor would not meltdown because the chain reaction of the nuclei would stop combining and making a reaction. Nuclear fusion does produce radioactive waste. However, in contrast to fission produced wastes, they are short lived and decay to background levels in a very short time.

  4. Just waitin for a Godzilla to come out of wherever they are dumping that nuclear waste, meanwhile a new continent emerges out of the pacific ocean made of accumulated garbage, 5G radiation, AI Singularity, looks like I need some popcorn while all of this unfolds before our very eyes

  5. And that's why we as humans don't need to be messing Shit we don't understand it's only a matter of time before this happens to other countries try this is not a Japan problem it's a human problem

  6. Thank you Vice for providing nothing but facts and allowing the people of Japan to still have a voice. We need to come together and push for Solar and Wind power. There’s no future in Nuclear. The majority of people around the world want a clean and reliable source of power. Renewable Energy is the only choice if we want our children and our children’s children to have a decent life.

  7. This is really precious of Vice doing a story on forgotten victims. What about the forgotten victims of Vice like Naomi Wu, the sexy cyborg? Vice had no problem in nearly ending her career and possibly having her imprisoned in China and all for the sake of sensationalism, Vice has no integrity and claims to be a fair and impartial media organisation but clearly doesn’t care as long as they get their story, shame on Vice and their bullying tactics!

  8. They were not forgotten, it is because sofar only 1 person died from radiation sickness and 19000 others from the earthquake and subsequent flooding. Why make this about the nuclear powerplant when you should mention it is way safer and more efficient than any other form of power, including solar and wind energy!

  9. nuclear power is the best option we have to combat climate change because it does not cause CO2, it is also much more efficient than other forms of green energy like wind and solar that would take much more time and money to ever be 100% of our energy , therefore it is the best option we have not to mentions statistically the least amount of people die from it surtenly compare to coal and oil

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