STOCK MARKET Playing Games | Something BIG Is yet to EMERGE??

Stock market playing games or something is yet to emerge… As this content is being published the Dow Jones as crashed below 22000. (~21700). We might be …


  1. You do not understand……. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE WALL. It is about the REPERCUSSIONS OF THE WALL. Trump is breaking down the power pillars of the Deep State. Youtube Kevin Shipp ex CIA !

  2. "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not
    who makes its laws! " Rotschild Clan

    Wake up people, this was soft slavery on an unprecedented size…. It
    came in quietly, and came to stay…
    They figured out that relatively "content" and "entertained" slaves work
    a lot harder, when they dangle the carrot of "opportunity" infront of
    them….They work a lot better then the ones you beat with a stick…

  3. Please get into God like never before Jesus Christ is coming soon Repent before its too late. Jesus Christ loves you all and things will get worse than ever before. Salvation is free safety in God alone Do you know Him as Lord and Savior? Accept Him today tomorrow isn't promise to any of us.

  4. @James Mighty IV ~ hey brother I have to use part of this for my video connecting the "Andrew Johnson" wrestler kid, impeaching Trump, and stock market crash all being gematria coded.. I will shout you out of course.. I love you for making this video. May the fight push on because we see all these evil bastards are doing!!!!

  5. "Gog" is behind ALL of this Hegelian manipulation. "Gog" is none other than the Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews and their fellow Sephardic Jews as well as other Jews from Persia (Iran), Yemen, Libya and Fallasha Jews from Ethiopia who join Gog's invasion army, according to Ezekiel's prophecy. Gog's invasion of Palestine began in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration from England which gave Palestine to the Jews via Lord Rothschild. Check this video out, it shows how the invasion of Ezekiel 38 & 39 has ALREADY happened, but most Christians were too blind to see it!!!

  6. Why the FUCK do you show a picture like that? A picture of our President’s head? Are you hoping someone hurts him ?? – or maybe give a crazed moron the idea to hurt our president?
    Very irresponsible!
    Enlightened your not!
    Is that background music supposed to make your video that much more interesting? Idiot!

  7. There have been similar predictions of a Trump assassination attempt, either on him or a family member. I'm curious, you haven't done anything on Obama's puppet Beto. It's illegal even for the anti-Christ candidate to run for office for a third term unless if we had another amendment to the Constitution scrapping term limits for the President. Hasn't happen yet, but I wonder and speculate he's using Beto to do something like that.

  8. Yeah that's right… Put all your hopes into an invisible sky fairy… Worked so far hasn't it… I shit you not you fucking god botherers are the most dangerous influence on this planet.

  9. I do REPENT if I'm wrong and I do believe a lot of things you said especially about the real name of Jesus like I said I'm learning and looking for the truth and if you are being guided by Holy spirit it's your job to correct me if I'm wrong but bash me teach me point out were I'm wrong.

  10. Just a matter of time before the worldwide chaos begins…

    Their motto is: ORDER out of CHAOS. Chaos that they conjure and have planned up while waiting for the world's reaction…THEN!, they plan to use CGI (computer graphic images) to fool people into believing that the Messiah has returned…yet THIS will be the FINAL 666 AntiChrist because the TRUE Messiah returns at the LAST/7TH trumpet and NOT BEFORE. It is possible that they've planned some alien invasion worldwide to create chaos…these people are wicked to the core just like THEIR father Satan!

    ALSO, those currently occupying the physical nation of Israel are NOT the original Eber/Hebrews/Israelites. ISRAEL is a PEOPLE that have been scattered abroad and the TRUE ISRAEL does NOT return to the carnal mass of land called ISRAEL. The TRUE ISRAEL return to NEW JERUSALEM which is SPIRITUAL and NOT OF this world age. TRUE children of Almighty Father are Israel!

  11. Trump is symbolic for Christians. Symbolic to the word of GOD. Symbolic to the death of Christianity. The end of Christ in our society is the Abomination of Desecration that will be declared in God's own house. GOD will is getting an eviction notice.

  12. Is Trump making the Stock Market rise and fall deliberately? If you know that things you say are going to make the markets fall – or rise… you could make a killing on the markets???

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