PINK STARBURST – 91 Supreme – Marijuana Monday

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  1. Maybe clean the grinder to get a more pure test of the smell?
    Just a thought. if you want to bring marijuana connoisseurship to the level of wine, whiskey, fine cheeses, etc.

  2. cool vid as usual Remo, as the other guy said wish it was smell-O-Vision lol can I pick your brain for a sec, my last crop was critical cheese, I tend to stay away from cheese, as in the uk its common as hell, so I stick usually to the super strains,But what I would love to know is what seed (strain) produces the most Bud as in weight, overall as am in the market for a excellent strain, that I haven't grown, out of the super strains the strongest I have done was insomnia my friends said it was better than the chronic umm? I've grown most, any advice would be kindly appreciated sorry for the woffle stay safe

  3. Hey Remo! Young blood will be for sure a younger version of yourself but more energetic I am not so sure of this part…😉😁😪😴🤤
    Keep the beard it fits you well
    Have a lifted one

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